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The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Re: Spagbook
« on: January 17, 2014, 02:41:39 pm »

Science! Nigel is also pretty damned  hawt.

The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Re: Spagbook
« on: January 17, 2014, 02:31:46 pm »
Alright, you bastages

(the one with the gloves)

Wow. Quite honestly, I never thought I would see this day.

late to the party, but i'd awkwardly hit on QG

keep the guitar for a few tracks at least.


maybe switch it up during the set? so there's a range of accompaniments?

like you are the tortilla chips and the accordion fiddle folks are dips?

guitar fiddle vocals.

keep it simple yo.

I'm getting caffeine twitches from the masala chai i had an hour or so ago.


You're talking to someone here, Suu, who will happily take coffee in volumes from a heaped teaspoon to multiple tablespoons to "only 3% water".  And that's the nasty instant stuff.  It's the only way I can get a buzz off it.

You'd love what I just made then. French press and everything. I knew it was a bit much, but I went with it and now my intestines are revolting.

Have you ever heard the tale of Richter's Espresso Machine when we both worked in Boston?

He would put 3x the amount of espresso roast into a machine that would give you about the amount of coffee to fill a large mug. There were two people in the office that could handle it, him, and Fabulously Gay Nate, who's previous gig was a bike messenger, and also the front of a synthpop band.

This shit notoriously sent me on a vision quest across Boston Common one lunch hour during which I preached THE WORD to a congregation of bums near the Park St. subway stop. I returned back to my desk and had a caffeine crash. My supervisor came over to check on me, as my head was down on the desk and groaning. Knowing exactly what to do, he picked up my phone, and dialed Richter. Who, within a few minutes, appeared at my desk with a fresh pot of rocket fuel he heated my mug with.

That was the day I saw Eris. Though it may have been Mayor Menino in drag. I haven't figure it out yet.


Holy shit, I'm actually getting WORK. In JANUARY.

Hot damn, I'll be able to make my student loan payments this semester after all! :banana:

i'll toast to that!

poor family can't grieve properly until they have a new baby.. which is stressful in itself.

it's kind of fucked.

Discordian Recipes / Re: Cooking with LMNO
« on: January 13, 2014, 11:18:32 pm »
When I have grilled mackerel i LIKE having the heads on. means I can talk to my supper and make it talk back.

I should get some mackerel soon.

I can help with the Tumblr Rage thing. and post it to alll the feminist FB groups.

So, my son has apparently come up as a match for bone marrow for a very sick 19 year old girl in Canada.  So he's going to DC in February, to endure the glory that is a marrow tap (agonizing, and the drugs make you ill).  For some kid he doesn't even know.

I'm pretty fucking proud of him right now.

So is the USMC, apparently.  They'll be giving him 3 weeks convalescent leave in February, a month before he goes to Okinawa.  So I'll have him back for more time than I expected.

Tell him that some spag he's never met is also really proud of him.

You helped raise a good kid.

Two spags.

Three and a half spags (I need to go running more).

Haha, add me and it counts as 5.

I love tea. I have to cut back my tea intake, I drink waaaayyyy too much tea.

It can cause kidney stones. :/ Especially if you drink rich black teas. If you're more into green tea and lighter herbals, not so much, but they can still be very dehydrating. Which sucks of course, because tea is worlds better than coffee, imo.

Drinking black tea reduces the risk of kidney stones in women.

The myth that tea contributes to kidney stone formation is based solely on its oxalic acid content, not on research into the effects of consumption. Even if the oxalic acid content was a concern, adding milk helps the body process it.

Luckily I'm not prone to kidney stones anyway, though.

I always has milk with my black tea.

Chai Tea latte or GTFO.

beverage philistine

I fucking love chai. even the frothy shit you  get at coffee chains that's made with powder.

I have a coffee machine which I make all my chai lattes with.  The Tassimo/Twinnings stuff is pretty nice, actually.  Smooth and fragrant.

I tend to brew it like a average black tea and add a teeny bit of milk so it looks like coffee. With sugar.

Traditional chai making methods just seems like arseache.

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