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The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Re: Spagbook
« on: December 02, 2014, 11:41:04 pm »


did steward the Reclaim the Night march last night. today i am tired and glad there's no more activism that i'm involved in planning/running for a few months, as we did Trans Day of Remembrance the week before.

The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Re: So black friday...
« on: November 29, 2014, 10:57:05 am »
oh i would never have actually gone out to the shops and taken part physically.

because that way crowds, madness and panic attacks lie.

The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Re: So black friday...
« on: November 29, 2014, 03:55:17 am »
dude i got new homewares from tinternets for my new flat, for ver reasonable pricings

 :milk: :milk: :monkeydance: :pika: :pukka:



one of my feminist collective was on the radio promoting our RTN and did an amazing job

also just chased up the letting agents for the place i really want. I want to know if they are happy to accept my cats , and i also offered to replace the carpet in the bathroom (WHY GODS WHY DO PEOPLE FIT CARPETS IN BATHROOMS?)outta my dime to hopefully mebbe sweeten the deal a bit because its 3rd floor in yank parlance, and ain't nobody got time for 2 cats on the 3rd floor with carpet in the bathroom! (me, or presumably, any sane landlord) and helps me look responsible and wanting to keep the place nice.

for the price and location (on awesome commute links) it's HUGE (it'd be huge at 600pcm, it's 525). Bigger than here even, and if i get the place i'll also be helping a young family out of a financial jam because they are liable for the rent until may and have just got a council flat. The hallway is so wide that it's a whole second reception room/dining room and both the bedroom and the lounge are bigger than my room here, which is the largest room in my current place, and the bathroom and kitchen are similarly large (double the size of here in both cases) It's an old georgian renovated into flats 3 storey townhouse and it's unbelievably, sickeningly large. Case in point, i saw a place that was 20 quid cheaper and you would've got 4 of that place in the one i'm chasing.

BREAKING __________________

no cats. pissflaps.

2 more viewings lined up though


well he already wanted to be closer to work for his own self care and we were getting different places to live soon anyhoo, but it's definitely not going to be a change of state and continuing relationship past being friends.

Me and payne are officially breaking up and shit.

i am sad.

it's all grown up and respectful and civil, and pretty much a mutual decision.

i need hugs and maybe bourbon.

also i just love engaging in complex systems. I'm dyslexic, and i get more boons from it, IMHO, than penalties. I'm passionate about a lot of things and well informed because of how core to my  operating angry nerd lady is. In the last 3 years i've self taught myself a lot of stuff about politics.

also considering the stress going on right now, lectures about what i should do next aren't high on my wishlist, ffs

exactly. if by some twist of fortune I do end up self sufficient and graduate employed somehow then fookin brilliant. If not I learned things, and will hate people more at parties either way.

a hidden open letter to my old mates, i love you guys, but some of you have the critical thinking capacity of a fooking potato.

I'm not entirely sure what kind of potato. But I'm inclined to go with one of those hench fuck-off baking potatoes that 2 potatoes feeds 4 (plus toppings and all that, wiff a side salad).
Your disconnect with reality is fucking staggering, with your vague terms and anti -intellectual sentiments. Trying to shoehorn me in to some "like, evolved form, man" pseudo mystical image of a person from 12 years ago that I have not been in fucking years. Since I joined PeeDee.

I think it's my depression. I think it makes me impatient with this drunk hippy fuckwit and it's been 4 minutes and I've already got bingo on my logical fallacy card,  never trust a hippy. I can't remember the guys name, but meh. Apparently depressed people have a more accurate grasp on reality. i think it might be a bit of a chicken/egg thing. and yes, i've got time and money to go into any new flat I go into and paint the whole thing as "a blank canvas, man, just take a sleeping bag, d'ya get me?". /SARCASM

Jasp (another old friend) took me aside late last night at my oldest friend's birthday party. I'd mentioned wanting to do sociology as an OU degree and Baggage was also there giving it the "you don't need formal education to prove to people you smart, Pix." My oldest friends have forgotten my defining character trait over the years, and that is: they forgot that I am an angry nerd lady with serious nerd rage. I have always been an angry nerd, a history nerd.  I have always loved learning about a multitude of possibly useless and sometimes irrelevant crap. So maybe i want to do a fucking degree level sociology course once i am more together because i love learning about stuff. It's not some kind of working class intellectual inferiority complex, for fuck sake, and self teaching myself herbalism and doing evening classes is hardly the level of in depth study I'd like to sink my teeth into. I may seem unfocused but there's a lot of things for an angry nerd lady to be angrily nerdy about and utterly absorbed in considering. i want to direct the energy of my small angry nerd girl inner child or whatever you guys and your woo would actually get, sharpen iota to a sharp blade of small angry nerd lady. FEAR ME FOR I AM PIXIE, FUCKERS

Even when i was culturally appropriating and plundering half baked barely parsed stolen ideas from other cultures when i was the person they remember, I was an angry fucking nerd. I took a fucking morning star to a games console whilst listening to Pantera in a ritual at 23 in my back garden to get some unresolved feelings and bad personal choice patterns concerning some guy i was fucking on and off again back then, basically a contrived effort to stop fucking with my own head. incidentally it worked on the "NO DON'T BONE HIM AGAIN FFS" front. I think it was the smashing to shit of his old console, personally whilst listening to metal that did that more than any mystical pagan unicorn poop. Bits of it flew quite far :D

I'm brought back to of all things, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, and these people are the romantics who eschew the empirical, the wasters that feel disconnected from any sort of reality that makes them uncomfortable. idk i think a lot of hippies miss the point of that book, or is that just me?

i was actually relieved when the drunk bearded guys with gutars around a fire started tbh.



viewing today was fucking shocking. the flat was so mould infested that the agent reckons it needs to be off the market. Which is a shame because in the en suite there was enough room for kitty litter boxes, bedroom was an OK size and although small, it was sufficient and was also bang on budget. I asked the agent to call me if they manage to sort it before the end of December.

more viewings Thursday

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