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I love tea. I have to cut back my tea intake, I drink waaaayyyy too much tea.

It can cause kidney stones. :/ Especially if you drink rich black teas. If you're more into green tea and lighter herbals, not so much, but they can still be very dehydrating. Which sucks of course, because tea is worlds better than coffee, imo.

I've got a 5 cup a day habit, but i mix it up with tisanes (technical name for herbal tea)

Chai Tea latte or GTFO.

beverage philistine

I fucking love chai. even the frothy shit you  get at coffee chains that's made with powder.

I've spent a bracing morning reading about Le Veilleurs, Schwaller de Lubicz, Synarchy and interwar occult fascist movements.

It's more fun than filling in a job application form, anyway.

This was spurred on by reading The Stargate Conspiracy, which is despite the name actually quite interesting and fairly grounded.

Essentially, the book asks the question "what the hell is going on with this New Age Egyptology fetish all of a sudden" (this was in the late 1990s) and comes away with some pretty disturbing conclusions.

It also includes our old friends The Nine, for those who read the notes from Sinister Forces that I posted.  Essentially, the books authors trace the origins of The Nine, whatever they may be, back beyond Andrija Puharich and to Schwaller de Lubicz, an academic with a side interest in mystical fascism...and possibly Crowley (of course).

They come away with the conclusion that someone is trying to hijack New Age beliefs, mixing them with apocalyptic, fundamentalist Christianity and using these beliefs to take quite deliberate aim at Muslims and blacks.  Whether that's the intelligence community, mystical fascists or even The Nine (assuming one believes they really exist) is left up for the reader to decide.

Unfortunately, you have to go through quite a bit on the internal politics of the pyramidiots and Cydonian conspiracy types to get to the good stuff.  But it's worth it.

Sounds interesting..

the key to good green tea is not using boiling water, but water that has been allowed to cool a bit, and do nevar oversteep.

I had a white tea with cherry flavours a while back that was fucking gorgeous.

I'm more of a flavoured black tea or herbal infusions kind of lass, myself but yea, I love tea generally, apart from bog standard builders black tea. if imma drink unflavoured black tea, I prefer a Assam, Ceylon or Darjeeling rather than blends.

Aneristic Illusions / Re: Mark Duggan
« on: January 09, 2014, 02:02:11 pm »
I await the coroners report with interest.

Speaking of tea, in the last month or so I have developed a fanatical addiction to green tea, which I had formerly decided to hate. I just can't process all this change in my life.

if you brew it right, it's amazing. Brew it wrong, it's fucking disgusting.

are you using bags or loose leaf?

England is a horrible place. I've seen what those people are like. All chimneysweeps and chamberpots and teatime.

Fair, but it also gave us all of the best metal this wrong side of Scandinavia. It's closer to Ireland than Boston (so I'd be trading out one side of the family for another). Irish citizens can live there no problem (as evidenced by my dad living off the Crown due to disability). And again, stabler climate, with just the right amount of atmospheric misery to satisfy me.

Ah but there's that double tax, distance from Boston, and I get sick of tea pretty quick but have blood in my coffee stream (sorry chaps, your coffee is shite).


HOW CAN YOU BE SICK OF TEA? Shit, son, I have at least 20 types of tea (and herbal infusions) both bagged and loose  all up in my kitchen right now and i have more in the mail coming to me.

I have a tea drawer. And a tea shelf.

I think I may need a tea intervention :s

Black tea has way more caffeine than coffee.

I seem to be descending into the vice of being a loose leaf tea junkie.

I got this big ol mug with an infuser and it's own lid from Payne for our 4yh anniversary and I've been using it pretty much alllll the time.

I have subsequently decided that teabags are the work of the devil.



it was just after xmas and such.

I am currently deciding whether i should have another cup of tea.

I seem to be descending into the vice of being a loose leaf tea junkie.

I got this big ol mug with an infuser and it's own lid from Payne for our 4yh anniversary and I've been using it pretty much alllll the time.

I have subsequently decided that teabags are the work of the devil.

it's a great website, as well,  Thanks for digging that out.

does this mean evo psych can suck my strap on now?

Literate Chaotic / Re: Introducing myself!
« on: December 04, 2013, 01:14:46 am »
I reckon it's welsh.

Plus that's a fucking stupid way to spell a word. WED NES DAY.

The fuck is that?

English people fucking with us.  300 years ago.  On purpose.


I heard it comes from "Woden's Day" but I probably saw that someplace pagan, and therefore bullshit.

We were taught that at school when I was seven. Thursday is Thor's Day and friday has the same roots as Freya.

Vikings, all up in the English Language.

Oh yes. Nigel's dick all the way through till it sticks out of his mouth like a luau pig, and a slow roast.

Fucker snuck out of the house when I was in the shower. Probably went to his parents for turkey/beer/football.

If he's smart, he'll only come back to get his stuff.

He shouldn't have to come inside to get his stuff after you pitch it out on the lawn. Change the locks while you're at it. Sexually harassing your kid is not the kind of offense where he gets to come back inside the house; as of right now he's homeless.
1000x this!

The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Re: ATTN PIXIE.
« on: November 29, 2013, 02:00:15 am »
true. I've taken to making my own washcloths and cleaning cloths for the house.

I totally crocheted some eye makeup remover/facial pads too.

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