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We really fucking don't.

When I get home I'll link to the amount of people who die in police custody. And how disproportionately those who die are black or from inner city areas.

Cause trouble and the police here WILL kick your head in. And it'll not even reacb headline news. No police officer in the UK has ever been punished by the IPCC fir use of force. And people do die. Weekly, in London.

Also, check how many of them had mental health conditions.


I say shall...

but yanno. English(ish)

Yeah but he phrased it like. Heffalumps and woozzles stole my honey! Thanks a lot brown people religion!
Its not about security at that point. Its about his enmity towards religion in general and muslims in particular.
Also who the hell takes honey on a plane?

Actually, the comments about "brown people religion" were not part of this, unless you think Bin Laden is synonymous with Islam. He's right. It's a stupid rule, enforced by stupid people, based on misguided fear of a bunch of violent nutbags. He is also a colossal douche, but this seems like the wrong tweet to get mad about. I'd rather have a million douchebags complaining about the right things than one ideologically pure person complaining.

Actually, to me it's both a measure of his incredible hypocrisy after the way he treated Rebecca Watson, specifically his acerbic rebuke that she was overreacting because she doesn't have it as bad as Muslim women, combined with his apparent sense of exceptionalism "WAAAAAAHHHHH BUT I WANT TO BEING MY HONEY ON THE PLANE, NEVER MIND THAT FOR THE LAST 13 YEARS NOBODY HAS BEEN ALLOWED TO BRING JARS OF LIQUID ON THE PLANE" plus the fact that if you read back through his tweets, a disproportionate percentage of them mention Islam or Muslims, often rather irrelevantly, making it fairly obvious that the man has a particular bias against Islam. Which he has flat-out said; he thinks religion is evil and that Islam is the worst of the religions.

So essentially, the enemy of my enemy is not my friend, he's just another moronic, entitled turd in the bucket.


I saw his tweets and giggled.

Someone on my feed reblogged them.

Brown person with muslim name? Well shit, that's going to be nasty with the TSA

Dicky Dorking _ WAAAAAHHHHH they took my jar of honey :sniff:


I say both. It's entirely possible this is from living in more than one region of the US, though.

You're in the Eastern Midwest, correct?

Yeah. My dad is also from Eastern Midwest, my mom is from the DC area, and I spent years 2 - 12 in North Carolina / Tennessee.

I used to make fun of my cousins for saying "pop" instead of "soda" but now I say "pop" too...

Ah that. Yeah, if you say pop you're definitely not from the Northeast. Older Northeasterners say tonic.

You also get this sort of thing with footwear. I would say sneakers. Canadians apparently have the tendency to say runners and Irish people say trainers.
When i was a kid my irish relatives would say runners and I said trainers.

I say Accidentally, the other two sound wrong

Literate Chaotic / Re: Comic Reviews and discussions
« on: October 31, 2013, 08:47:57 am »
I always imagined it as a softened scouse accent. he is a right dodgy bastard, so scouse seems to fit in my brain.

Literate Chaotic / Re: Comic Reviews and discussions
« on: October 31, 2013, 07:42:26 am »
i recently went back and reread House of Mystery. I'd forgotten how well-written it was, and even the big twist towards the end(fake spoiler alert: the butler did it, Vader is Luke's father, there's a lot you can learn from a good piece of ham) still felt clever and appropriate, havign read it through already. It's the same kinda thing i felt reading novels as a kid, where you can reread the story and find new things you like about it

 Vertigo was the first publisher to make me wanna read a series all the way through and i find stuff like HoM and Sandman and Lucifer excels at delivering deep, personally engaging stories without having to compromise fun for story or vice versa.

I thought constantine was a Scouser by birth?!? Chas was mos def a cockney, but...

I think we should get rid of the party whip, meself, if we aren't going to do PR.

yea, Billy Connolly gave him a bloody good telling off on a film set for haranguing a wardrobe assistant into showing him her boobs.

When he talks about drug addiction, he's got valid first hand knowledge and was impressive in front of the House Select Comittee. Even a stuffed clock an be right twice a day.

there's an issue with young people not voting. The reason the UK govt has slashed everything but pensions is that old people vote, and young people don't, as a demographic tend to vote. Using your right to vote and spoiling the ballot is still engaging with democracy.

Still youngin's are being sold down the river, because the main political parties are not courting the youth vote.

I am not ashamed to say that when i vote, I tend to vote Green, even though as a party they only have one MP, because they have policies I broadly agree with. I've been told that voting for the little parties is a wasted vote, but that's how we end up with the same old same old two man con.

The main issue for me is first past the post creates a system wherein you get a safe sea or your constituency is going to swing one of 2 ways.

when he talks about drug addiction I'm willing to listen. The rest of the time I want to shove a stinky sock in his sexual-harrassing-encouraging-listeners-on-his-radio-show-to prank-call-a-rape-crisis-hotline mouth and beat him with sticks

with sticks, I tell you.


heritage cultivars is a thing that my ex housemate was obsessed with.

On Satudrday this week I went out and promptly went home again because my mental elf doesn't like being lumped into a crowded pub. On Sunday I went to an antifa benefit gig where there were 3 fash at the pub giving it the mouth. So there I am, pissed out of my brain, with several empty bottles in my handbag (, buying hip hop cd's in french from a communist rapper. The fuckwits left eventually (no need for bottles, apparently) and just after the gig had finished the stragglers from the gig were drunkenly singing Irish Folk songs and a weird and bloody good time was had by all.

I chewed one of the fash out for being disrespectful and upsetting the organiser, who was hella drunk and giving them earful inbetween crying. She'd managed to get 20-30 activists into a pub with 2 weeks notice with 5 different acts on.

oh wait i failed to finish my point.. oops.

I wonder how many people have some kind of invisible intersex condition as we don't test for karotypes as standard.

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