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Apple Talk / Re: Soliciting Works/Ideas for Pride
« on: June 02, 2016, 05:50:50 am »
Hmm. As a trans person, I've noticed that there are a lot of parallels between Discordian approaches to navigating reality and the kind of approach you need to adopt in order to have a consistent model that accounts for nonbinary genders. Discordia's been a great help in trying to figure out how exactly my own gender works, and frankly, I think it could be useful as a means for breaking out of the kind of dogmatism that develops in a lot of spaces like Tumblr.

However, if there's one thing the queer community as a whole despises, it's being told what by straight people, or even by queer people who aren't the exact kind of queer that they are. I think TGRR/QG's pamphlet is good, but its fatal flaw is that it addresses the queer community from the outside; in my experience(which is admittedly limited and mostly consists of dealing with trans people), we tend to be clannish and insular, and extremely paranoid about outsiders. It'd work better if it said "us" instead of "you," but it'd be underhanded and dishonest for a piece written by TGRR to do so. Maybe I could write something up. But for now, I'm going to bed. I'll check this thread tomorrow.

Soooo, does anyone remember a thread where someone here had an amazing skill, wherein (that?) they were able to convert any mundane statement, paragraph, or story into corporate mumbo jumbo?

I pretty much only had the time and attention span for this single thread link request. I'll add to my shitposts when I have the time and have fallen off my ego cliff this week.

I don't know what thread it was, but I do know it was LMNO that could do it.

« on: February 04, 2016, 12:47:24 am »
E-Prime in a nutshell:

Apple Talk / Re: OPEN BAR: Tough on bars, tough on the causes of bars
« on: January 31, 2016, 05:28:47 am »
Whoa, why did Roger flounce?

Well, I won't speak for him other than to say when last I chatted with him on the subject he was very serious about it. I don't know if it will prove truly permanent, but it certainly seems so. I'll leave it to folks actually involved to tell the tale.

I think the only folks involved are Roger.

Well, Roger and his horrible racist kids, wife, and parents, who - because they are voting for Sanders - are racists and just exactly like Trump voters and Libertarians.  We're practicing for the election with a nightstick and a dummy with a picture of Eric Garner stapled to its face.  We feel that we have to do our part.

But mostly just Roger, who is the worst friend ever because he, yanno, includes his friends in things that they can choose to ignore, if that's what they want or have to do.  Because he's a total cunt who has never acted like a proper friend in his life, and should be publicly shamed for, um, including people in stuff.

Or maybe it was just time for you to shit on someone again.  One or the other.  In any case, I was forced to choose between my dignity and our friendship, and as you can mostly likely tell from the tone of this post, I have in fact made my decision.

I'll be fucking back off now.  A shout out to the "helpful" soul that pointed this post out to me.  You can eat the peanuts outta my shit, too.

Racist guy that gets lazy and bans racists.  Or words to that effect.

Dude, I think Sanders is the best available option for US President, but even I'll admit that there are some pretty racist undertones to broad swathes of his supporters' rhetoric, and it's pretty clear that Nigel was joking about that way back when that thread happened, and that it was a general rather than universal statement. Bernie Sanders himself doesn't seem to be pushing a racist agenda, and supporting him doesn't make someone a racist, but acting like black people "owe him" their votes does, and while I can't speak for Nigel, I do pretty strongly perceive that to be what she was getting at.

Apple Talk / Re: OPEN BAR: Tough on bars, tough on the causes of bars
« on: December 18, 2015, 05:18:35 pm »
So, the Happy Families bubble burst today, and I am pleased to report that my employees are actually just as fucked up as everyone else.

Most of them are going on vacation next Monday, and they suddenly all decided they had to get "their side of the story" in with the new boss.  But the new boss doesn't care.  Half of them are cheating on their spouses with coworkers.  I don't care.  The other half are overly concerned about said cheating.  This also doesn't register as important.  I have seen where this goes, and it's a horrible snarl of twisted priorities, but I don't give a shit.

It's really this simple.  We fix the domes.  We get the brain-eating amoebas out of the water.  We clean up after semifunctional scientists and ancient docents.  We don't run tourists over.  It's not calculus.

I am not bitching, mind you.  I am actually quite relieved, as things seemed just a little too good to be true, and now it's way more human.

Hank shuffled into the room. This was an office, once. Long ago, before the Roger times came. Hank remembered an office here some time last month. Now it was a labyrinth of manuals and schematics. Hank couldn't believe there was anywhere enough equipment to justify this much paper. Not in the complex. Not in the state.

He had been hesitant to come in, really. Davis had come in with a welcome and a gift basket earlier in the day and nobody had seen him since. He'd probably gone home. Must have gone home. But it didn't sit right. No, Hank hadn't wanted to come in but he felt it was morally imperative that the new boss know the score.

The room seemed empty. Gradually accepting that Roger wasn't in, Hank let his attention drift to the annotated schematics covering the floors and walls and found that he had trouble parsing them. He narrowed his eyes and moved nearer a document with renewed focus. To his surprise, the content was indecipherable. It was positively arcane and certainly nothing related to any of the equipment he'd ever seen. Paralysed by puzzlement as he was, Hank didn't see Roger emerge from a stack of books until he was upon him, pinning the puzzled engineer to the wall and disturbing the new wallpaper, sending robot pin-ups drifting to the floor.

"What is it, man? Is it the domes?"

Hank blinked and stammered, "I... I... no? What? No. The domes are..." He committed to pushing Roger from him indignantly and straightening his clothes but found this commitment didn't translate into anywhere near enough force to make the man budge. Roger's face advanced upon him and Hank became aware that the new boss was wearing a jeweller's monocle, giving an eerie, inquisitive edge to his stare.

"The domes are..? You were saying about the domes?"

Hank stared in terror. "No, I... well, that is. I thought you should know about what's going on between Laura and James and Karen." He had meant to be more tactful, but circumstances had not allowed for that. Roger released him and turned away dismissively, appearing to immediately lose interest. He took a couple of steps away before pausing and looking back "And you're certain there's nothing about the domes?" The new boss's glare was chilling. "You certainly wouldn't keep anything from me if it were about the domes?"

Hank shook his head desperately. Roger glared a moment longer then nodded his acceptance. "Very well. Back to work. There's no place like dome." His lips twitched a brief smile at the last sentence. Roger gestured to his desk, upon which a gift basket sat. "Help yourself to a little treat on your way out, for your excellent work."

Hank's blood ran cold. Not at the sight of the gift basket, but at the only other non-paper item atop the desk.

Holding down the corner of a diagram of the facility, functioning as a paperweight, were Davis's car keys.


Apple Talk / Re: OPEN BAR: Tough on bars, tough on the causes of bars
« on: December 13, 2015, 04:07:16 pm »
Guess which nihilistic asshole has a girlfriend now?

HINT: it's me.

Is she also a nihilistic asshole or should I not ready the popcorn?

She's a double sided coin of asshole buisness lady. And a qt3.14 sub. Also she's Christian.

Not so sure what a qt3.14 sub is, but the rest should be interesting. If you find out she's "pimping for Jesus" just go with it until you can ask the hard questions in biblestudy.

I hope things work out well for you, but not sure it's for good reasons.

qt 3.14 means "cutie pie".

Apple Talk / Re: OPEN BAR: Tough on bars, tough on the causes of bars
« on: December 11, 2015, 04:34:11 am »
So, first day on the job, a mile and half up in the air.  Talking with engineers about robots the size of sewing needles that adjust fiberoptic cables for trapping images of entire galaxies, to measure their velocity with respect to one another.  The engineers know their job and they assume I'm educated on everything unless I tell them differently, in which case they patiently explain.

My boss is a fairly brilliant scientist who enjoys the ins and outs of DOE/NASA/NSF bureaucratic wrangling.  His boss is the smartest woman I've ever met, who shares my enthusiasm for the visitor program, for getting people up the mountain to look at other stars and how exoplanets are inferred from a star's wobble, and will geek out on a moment's notice, which is fucking awesome.

My crew are all professionals who genuinely like each other, and most of them seem to have taken a shine to me.

I am in charge of - among many other things - life support.  LIFE SUPPORT.  Scotty, my scabby arse!

I changed my mind.  There is a heaven.

Holy shit.

There is another of the big 3 sites that discuss things. Where only a few boards are racist. A site that shares a lot of the same values of Discordianism.

Also why are we making the next stage of Discord online?  Social media is for talking about irl. We should do more irl events even if it's just one guy being crazy in people's faces.

Problem with 4chan is that sure, only a few boards are racist in themselves, but they spend so much of their time shitting up the rest of the place that it might as well be /pol/ and /int/ across the board. And /lgbt/ keeps to itself for the most part, but it's pretty much /pol/ for gay men. /r9k/ is its own kind of vile. At best, you have boards like /tg/ where the Nazis run up against opposition of equal strength, but even there you get people complaining about shit like DnD 5e being inclusive to transgender people, even if there is a strong contingent telling them to chill the hell out. For a site founded on the premise of absolute freedom of speech, 4chan is actually pretty firmly authoritarian. If there were some centre of opposition to /pol/ on that site, I might be willing to give it the benefit of the doubt, but it's nowhere to be found. Instead, it's declared Tumblr to be its enemy, and in so doing exacerbated Tumblr's toxic qualities.

Apple Talk / Re: So what's this whole Race and Gender thing all about....
« on: December 05, 2015, 11:36:42 pm »
A lot of sexualisation has to do with posing as well.  Men aren't usually posed like romance novel covers.

I hate to beat a dead horse, but yet another reason that JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is love and life.

Apple Talk / Re: OPEN BAR: Tough on bars, tough on the causes of bars
« on: December 02, 2015, 05:18:28 pm »
I had two people, separately, mention "charging their laz0rs" to me today.
Those are some vintage memes.

Apple Talk / Re: OPEN BAR: Tough on bars, tough on the causes of bars
« on: November 20, 2015, 01:01:23 am »
Requiem's Illusion spells.  I might also use the Apocalypse Spell Package, though some of them are fairly cheesy (Hidden Cobra followed by Vanish = enemy with 1 HP)., it depends.  I can edit some of that stuff down, and Frostfall, for example, does actually have you do things to mitigate against the cold (collect wood, build fires, pitch tents etc).  Hunterborn makes foraging, skinning and gathering ingredients more in depth without being too tedious (there are neat animations and stuff to go along with the skinning etc).  Eating and sleeping is boring, but it's also fairly easy.  Plus it's that element of danger and survivalism.  Do I take the extra potions, or wood in case of a snowstorm?  Do I kill these bandits and take their fire, or make camp somewhere safer?  Fast travel is disabled by standard in Requiem, so I'll be out in the wild a lot anyway...

Actually, you know what? I've changed my mind. It sounds fine.

Apple Talk / Re: OPEN BAR: Tough on bars, tough on the causes of bars
« on: November 19, 2015, 11:58:07 pm »
So, my testing for recording seems all good.  OBS is definitely the way to go, it records with almost no impact and with half the file size of the other methods, and because it doesn't use a variable framerate or weird encoding system it doesn't spazz out.

So, that means, before I start recording Skyrim gameplay again, I have questions; I will be using the Requiem overhaul, for more interesting gameplay.

Do you want to see survivalism gameplay?  Namely, hypothermia, realistic needs and hunting?  There are mods for this, but I'm waiting for the patches to be updated for the latest version, as the new Frostfall mod has significant performance improvements over the currently patched version.  This will mean the possibility of freezing to death, starving to death etc.

Secondly, what kind of character would you be interested in.  I have a couple of ideas, and I'm pretty open to any of them, as all should be end-game viable.  Basically, your choices are nightblade (stealth and magic), paladin (shiny armor and good magic) or spellblade (fire magic and conjuration and swords). I'll come up with backstories and motivations later.

Spellblade looks most fun to watch, though nightblade could also be fun if your mods add interesting Illusion spells. I dunno about the survivalism, though. While I imagine it adds depth to gameplay, it's probably tedious to a passive viewer. Unless you can really fill time with your commentary, I think I'd advise against it.

Apple Talk / Re: OPEN BAR: Tough on bars, tough on the causes of bars
« on: November 18, 2015, 05:48:03 am »
The Paris attacks and ensuing flood of racism all over the Internet isn't really helping with my state of mind.

It's definitely been an upsetting couple of days on social media.

I'm starting to fear that I'm echo-chambered on Facebook. I haven't seen anyone actually expressing anti-Syrian sentiments, but I know they must be out there judging by all the reactions I'm seeing. Well, that and the way Western politics generally get about this sort of thing.

Aneristic Illusions / Re: Wealth Inequality -- a red herring?
« on: November 14, 2015, 05:08:39 am »
Compensation has closely tracked productivity:

Workers do not tend to be paid (in total compensation, aka wages+benefits) less than 50% of their productivity.

To quote the NBER paper: "In 1970 compensation was 74 percent of the value added of the nonfinancial corporate sector. In the year 2006, it was 73 percent."

I don't know, it's possible CEOs are an exception, being paid way more than they "should" be? But compensation of workers in the entire economy has tracked productivity. It's certainly true that workers in a company, taken as a whole, contribute more to a company than a CEO. But each individual worker, compared to the CEO, is a different story. Although the main point I was making wasn't necessarily about CEOs in particular, but about productivity in general. The value added to hiring a worker with more skills tends to be more than a worker with less skills.

I'm entirely open to being shown that CEOs are paid way above the value they bring to a company. This would be quite an interesting exception to the rule.

Their value isn't to the company, it's to the board of directors. A good scapegoat's worth a lot of money, apparently.

Apple Talk / Re: So what's this whole Race and Gender thing all about....
« on: November 10, 2015, 04:53:45 am »
White privilege is kinda bullshit imo.

Most points about it that people make are illogical.

It's a oppressive term tbh. I can't think critically because I'm white? I can't feel marginalized because I'm white? I can't have empathy because I'm white?

But none of those claims are actually part of the definition of "white privilege." Like, I'm white, but I'm also mentally ill, poor, and bi, and all those things do indeed create problems for me that wouldn't exist if I were sane, rich, and straight. At the same time, I'd be worse off if I also weren't white. I'm not exactly proud of this, but I don't feel guilty about it either. You're attacking a strawman, possibly based on distortions of the concept bred on tumblr and deliberate misrepresentations on /pol/ feeding into each other and twisting it into something stupid.

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