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RPG Ghetto / Re: Dragon Age: Origins playthrough and commentary thread
« on: February 19, 2014, 04:10:05 am »
What's going on with the Darkspawn, anyway? I suspect there's far more to them than there appears, since they apparently know how to make crossbows and siege weapons. They're clearly intelligent, so why haven't they ever opened negotiations, or at least made demands? There's got to be some motivation behind their attacks.

To me, as someone who actually has been molested as a kid, it seems glaringly obvious that Woody Allen is guilty. I didn't tell anyone for years because I was terrified that nobody would believe me and I'd end up in the exact position Farrow did. It was only when I came to realize that everyone hated my molester anyway that I began to open up. What people fail to realize is that there really isn't anything to gain from false accusations of this sort that makes them worth the massive wave of public hate. It's not like I can sue him for money. Attention? Most of the time, the names of the victims are censored in the press, so there goes the fame angle. And whatever attention we do get is... exactly the kind of attention Dylan Farrow's getting. It's because of cases like this that I still haven't taken the bastard to court. If he walks, I'm fucked forever. I wouldn't want to be in Farrow's shoes.

Aneristic Illusions / Re: Googleprop
« on: February 09, 2014, 11:03:22 pm »
Right, this is a misunderstand many people have. They assume that fascism will involve supervillains twirling their mustaches and threatening to exterminate the enemies of the state. In fact, fascism has been progressive in the past, and can be in the future. There is nothing preventing "Rainbow Fascism" that uses exclusively progressive propaganda to control the masses at home and attack enemies abroad. This is why the current form of creeping fascism is so ingenious and successful; because so few people actually recognize it for what it is.

And this progressive propaganda is promoting a radically nationalistic, authoritarian, imperialistic ideology, focused on social conformity and the quasi-religious veneration of the state built on an appeal to romanticised national mythology?

Aneristic Illusions / Re: Googleprop
« on: February 09, 2014, 10:27:41 am »
Is it still a conspiracy when a plurality of the civilized world is on board and actively participating?

Are you being serious here? In reality of course it's a tiny minority that give a flying fuck about Russia's policy toward homosexuals. Entire continents and civilizations have absolutely no sympathy for what radprogs are trying to do there (Africa, the Middle East, much of Asia, etc.). It's really only small cliques within the West and their fellow travellers that push this shit around the world. Do yourself a favor and travel the world, experience non-Western cultures, do some simple math and get a rudimentary grasp of how the vast majority of people outside the Western Progressive bubble actually think.

The point stands. You can't exactly call it a conspiracy when the media is openly reporting on it and the participants are doing absolutely nothing to cover their tracks. You could call it propaganda if you wanted. You could call it astroturfing. But unless your assertion is that the conspiracy is to create the illusion that many people support gay rights(and to what nefarious end?), it hardly seems the appropriate term. And if that illusion has to be created in the first place, I'd say the powers that be have already failed and you have nothing to worry about. The neo-reactionary revolution should be coming any day now, and then you'll have all the kings and traditional values you could ever want.

Who's your pick for next Mexico?

RPG Ghetto / Re: Dragon Age: Origins playthrough and commentary thread
« on: January 28, 2014, 10:53:26 am »
Viewed and voted.

Think for Yourself, Schmuck! / Re: Do What You Love
« on: January 25, 2014, 03:04:09 am »
I agree with Nigel and Roger, and I don't think they're actually contradicting each other if I'm interpreting them correctly. I agree with Roger that it's good to enjoy your work, but I also agree with Nigel that we should neither feel obligated to follow our dreams, nor impose that obligation on others. I think the real enemy here is arbitrary social pressure and shame over details of our lives that ultimately don't hurt anyone else.

Hmm. Sounds good, but I'm still not sold. Will Vinnie interfere in my deep spiritual relationship with the afrogrecoceltic pantheon?

Motion to immediately canonize Biquette and pass a resolution to erect a memorial in front of a county courthouse somewhere.

Seconded. This has to happen.

Techmology and Scientism / Re: 'kay, so, this singularity thing...
« on: January 15, 2014, 07:33:07 am »
I don't see why people are concerned about the duplicate issue. The only viable-looking method of brain uploading I've read about involves waiting for the subject to die, preserving the brain, plastinating it, cutting it into very thin, single-cell-layer slices, scanning each slice individually, and compiling the information from each slice into a complete working model. There wouldn't be an original. Death would be a necessary part of the process.

But Eris IS a villain.

It's just that the world needs that kind of villain.

I wouldn't call it villainy.
...But then again, no villain ever thinks they are evil, do they? 
The worst villains are always fighting for Truth and Justice.

Needed, whatever it is.

I dunno, starting wars for the lulz is kind of a dick move.

Ah. Man, where are all the good Bronies at?

It's like ol' Townsville in this habitat
But all you Faustian brats
Knew that I was strapped for cash
When you were cuddling a cabbage patch


Nowadays everybrony wanna talk like they got too much to pay
Just like it's a real overpriced habit
What a bunch of gibberish
And motherfuckers act like they forgot 40k

Ah. Man, where are all the good Bronies at?

It's like ol' Townsville in this habitat
But all you Faustian brats
Knew that I was strapped for cash
When you were cuddling a cabbage patch

The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Re: I want to speak.
« on: January 02, 2014, 09:05:32 pm »
Two cents, if you want it.

Fuck the bit about the gun. It was a lie. The fact is, the man didn't need a gun. He didn't even need to make a threat. Not a direct one, anyway. He was a salesman, so he did it all with deals, bargains, arrangements, allusions, and jokes. That last part really fucked with me. I still have a hard time laughing at anything. He knew exactly where my handles were, and which strings to pull, and I was young enough that he could install some of his own, and so he made me complicit in my own abuse. I guess that's why I see myself the way I do. I was a kid, and I raped myself, and who rapes a kid? A monster, that's who. It isn't really rational, but these are the terms in which I view myself. An abomination that needs to be put down. I guess this is how I justify a good part of my own evil: It's simply in character. Mind you, I've never done anything along the lines of what my stepdad did to me. I do at least have that. But I still have a hard time feeling anything for other people, even as I recoil from hurting them. I find the idea of exploiting or abusing other people repulsive on an abstract level, but I don't think I actually have any empathy, and that scares me. I never miss people when they're gone. I never feel anything when they die. I find myself in the unusual position of lacking a heart and desperately wanting to have one.

We are often made complicit in our own abuse. It gives them an extra thrill and also, to them, plausible deniability. It's our fault they feel this way, want to do these things. We make them want it. Because we're the broken, twisted ones - not them.

Important note : It was not your fault and you did nothing to deserve or cause it.

You're not alone on the lacking a heart and wanting to have one scene.

Nigel's right.

Normally, I'd agree with you, but one of the things that's actually helped me deal with this is that when I finally realized I wasn't hideous, it occurred to me that I was a goddamn pimp at age 12. But then, it's probably more of a temporary measure than anything else, and probably not a genuinely useful one, and exactly the sort of thing that would lead to narcissism if I actually bought it. It's more of an idea that I occasionally amuse myself with.

I hope you don't mind me speculating, but I suspect that what's going on for you empathy-wise is not a lack of capacity, but a lack of activation, and that can be fixed, though it will be harrowing and take a great deal of work. From your description, you have become proficient at compartmentalizing and dissociating, which are really great survival skills when you're a kid being abused but not so adaptive as an adult trying to connect.

What you're doing now, writing about it, is a really, really good start. It's the processing, the reviewing/reliving, that actually helps people (and animals) to work through and integrate their traumatic experiences.

Compartmentalizing and disassociating become our super powers. We've got a shut-off switch or distancing maneuver for everything.

Keep writing it out, there's an on switch in there somewhere.

I agree with both of you on this. I think that's a large part of what got me fired, actually. The first seven years that I worked in my life, it was for the guy that abused me, so I got used to being a cold, bitter, angry asshole and filtering everything out but the task at hand when I worked, and I couldn't stop doing it when I finally got a job washing dishes. Work was associated with the rapist, and I think it still is, and I feel really shitty about that because it sounds like an excuse to get out of work. It made me very effective on a technical level, but in the end I was miserable and everyone hated me. According to the boss, I was fired because the waitresses felt threatened when I was around. I didn't really get it, but I couldn't blame them. People always think I'm either adorable or horrifying, and it's never the opinion I want them to have.

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