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3 seems like it defines poor. 

3 does define poor, but you get penalized if you, essentially, MADE yourself poor by getting edumacated, or got a little edumacated and couldn't find a job, thus being unable to pay bills that let you live on your own.  Because that kind of poverty doesn't count.  Because reasons.

Did Kurt Russel really say that?  That's upsetting.

I remember when that was just a silly video on Youtube.

That they managed to turn it into that level of a production - and get Shia LaBeuof himself into it - was nothing short of amazing.

Right?  So awesome.

All of that up there.  ^^^^


Shia LaBeouf - Rob Cantor

The true story of an actual cannibal.

This is the most amazing thing I've seen in months. 

Discordian Recipes / Re: Gourmand Chapter II: DIRTY WHORISH SPAGHETTI
« on: April 14, 2016, 05:16:26 am »
Right, so today weíre going to talk about pasta...of the evening.  Thatís rightóPASTA PUTTANESCA!  Itís fast!  Itís cheap!  Itís easy!  Itís boozy!  Itís comforting after a shitty goddamn day!  Letís all gather round and make some goddamn pasta puttanesca.

To begin with, find a mortar and pestle.  Or a cutting board and a meat tenderizer.  Also find some ingredientsógarlic, cherry tomatoes, anchovies (YES GODDAMMIT!), olives, and capers.  Stick a heavy skillet on very low heat and give it a few serious glugs of olive oil.  Peel the garlic, drop it into your mortar, and start smashing.  Crush it real good, like itís responsible for all of the bad things that happen to you.  Then throw it in the olive oil and let it sit.  Cut the tomatoes in half and throw them in with the garlic.  Then smash the rest of the ingredients and add them to the party.  Turn up the heat until the liquid pooling in the bottom of the pan starts to simmer angrily, then toss in some FUCKINí GHOST CHILIES!  Or some red pepper flakes.  Yíknow.  Thatís okay too, I guess.  Leave it at a low simmer until the tomatoes are mostly broken down and the pan is basically saucy.  The anchovies will melt and magically make everything justÖbetter.  But not fishy.  Itís a mystery.  Deglaze the pan with a healthy pour of wine.  Let it simmer down again.
Drain the pasta that Iím sure has just finished cooking to be a little underdone.  I like spaghetti.  Find what you like.  Throw it in the sauce, tear up some fresh basil, and mix it all together.  Let the pasta finish cooking in the sauce.  Mix it up again, dump onto a plate, top with more fresh basil and grated cheese and serve with crusty garlic bread and the rest of the wine.
Note: My audience for this meal has suggested that even though she ďdoesnít like shrimp,Ē shrimp would go well with this.  This will be an entry in the future because that can only end well for me.

I was hearing this in the style of a BRAWNDO commericial.

So.  Wasabi jello.

They said I was mad.

That sounds facsinating.  And awful.

Discordian Recipes / Re: On Being (a Gourmand):
« on: April 12, 2016, 11:54:05 pm »
 :eek:  That sounds delicious.

aaahah I love the subversion of using Tweety to deliver that kind of message.

We need some media meta-commentary or deconstruction or something coming out of Maxine's mouth.

                                         Just as early industrial capitalism moved the focus of
                                         existence from being to having, post-industrial culture has moved that
                                         focus from having to appearing.



I hope you don't mind, Cain, but I threw together a Tweety Bird meme using a quote from one of your posts from the "Picking Cain's Brains" thread, slightly modified.
If you would rather I hadn't, let me know, and I will trash it. Just wanted a quick example of what something like that might look like.

I love the shit out of this.  It fills me with glee.

Still, this correlation between Warner Bros cartoon characters and dickbag political messages is oddly interesting.
Maybe it's a generational backlash that's been, like most of the rest of the memes, ineptly executed? Like they see Spongebob and Fry used in memes and they want to show these damned kids what a real cartoon was, back in their day.

Or they're the logical conclusion of Calvin peeing on Ford logos on the back of 90's Chevy trucks.

Probably the latter.

The only connection I can see is that the ideas expressed in them are cartoonishly simple.

Might I suggest we start a facebook, ummm... thingie where cartoon characters present complex nuances of global socio-politics?

That would be awesome.  And possibly informative.

Finally met up with my former co-worker for drinks, after nearly 4 months of trying, due to insane schedules between the two of us (she now works an 8-5 job, no weekends.  Not that I'm jealous or anything...).  Drinks and catching up were good, especially in the "actually not a complete shithole" part of London she works in now.

It's just...I'm not entirely sure what is going on.  I like C, but when we were both working, it was always strictly professional between us.  We got on well, and she is an intelligent and attractive woman.  I wasn't entirely getting that professional vibe last night and, once my dissertation is over, she wants to "make a day" of going out somewhere in London.

So, not sure where this is going, but I'm not complaining.  Even if I'm reading things entirely wrong, getting out from this shithole section of town, where the latest gossip is invariably the latest murder, may not be the worst plan.

It's nice to hear something nice happen.  Huzzah!

Oh yeah.  It's quite a common theme, especially among libertarians, who conflate nationalism, statism, the welfare state, socialism, laws against diddling children etc as all, somehow, being Nazism.  Which is a form of socialism.

Bernie Sanders also isn't a socialist, but shhhhh.

Christ, what a bunch of assholes.

Hang on.  Is that pic suggesting that Hitler was a socialist?  waaaaaaat

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