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So I took this quiz a while ago, saw it on Facebook.  This article says this guy, Charles Murray, decided your bubble is related to your socio-economic place in MURRICA.  The higher you score, the less out of touch you are with culture, and probably the more blue collar you are.  The lower your score, the higher your income bracket and ignorance of standard American culture.  Scores are out of 100.  I scored 37, which translates to Upper Middle Class.  For the record, "upper middle class" does not have a defined income bracket in this quiz at any point, while poverty is defined (and deep poverty further defined), and I have been living in deep poverty for the last 6 years at least.

I find this quiz to be very biased, and worse it draws more lines and creates more sides among the lower economic classes, and is based on what appears to be an elitist's view of stereotypical blue-collar tropes.

Example 1:  Have you ever made it through an entire episode of Ellen Degeneres, Dr. Phil, or Wendy Williams?  Do you watch any of these regularly? 

Example 2:  Do you regularly buy domestic mass marketed beer to stock your own fridge?  (Coors, Budweiser, Miller, and Busch are those listed).

Example 3: Have you ever lived for at least a year in the United States at a family income that was close to or below the poverty line?
    Graduate school doesn't count. Living unemployed with your family after college doesn't count.

Example 4:  Did you ever letter in anything that wasn't chess club or the debating team?

See, I just think (and I am fully aware that this is my opinion and nothing more) this is bullshit.  It bothers me that I'm being called an elitist rich (from my point of view) snob by some dude who interconnects "culture" with "money".  Or something.

What do you all think?

Hence the counter-meme.

I'm thinking of doing some more.  Maybe I should start a thread.

Oooh, yeah!

In response to some of those "music today is all about the Spectacle, not like in the old days," memes.

I don't really agree with that line of memery.  Only a bit of it is, and that's the memorable stuff, maybe. -shrug-

I like this.

I'm sorry I missed this.

But also, you fucks have completely ruined oranges for me, so fuck you. Even smelling an orange gives me this pavlovian response: nausea, disgust... loathing. They're horrible. Like planets of acid, floating in an infinite void of ... bullshit ... fuck you

Best results ever.

That's very true. 

So, I saw this on somebody's front lawn the other day:

In case you can't tell, someone bought a statue of a crucified christ, covered it with a mosaic of tiny shards of mirror (including individual fingers), and then put tighty whities on it and a crown of what appears to be industrial pipe cleaner, then put it in their front yard.


Lokil confirmed scrub tier: now with video evidence.  Includes graphic scenes of dead scrub vampires being teabagged.

 :lulz:  Well that seemed easy enough.

My favorite part is conversion.  I have a whole unit of bikes that are converted Deffkoptas, and a couple converted from Fantasy's Empire dudes where they're riding the horses. 

I have two weeks to make sure 1850 pts of Orks are table quality painted and wysiwyg built. 

I have maybe 350 pts that are the above, and the rest is bits.


Good luck with your future banking!  That sounds horrormirthy.  Or maybe ragemirthy.

The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Re: Steal my heart?
« on: March 25, 2016, 08:59:12 pm »
This is wonderful!  I love it.

That's the worst kind of news, at least until you know whether the news is good or very very bad.

I looked up who Gail Simone is, and then I :lulz:

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