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CPD:   :eek:  D:  I hope you are okay!

Sita:  :crankey:  I feel for you.


No, I don't know how. :lol:  Right now I'm rolling the stuff into a ball, chilling and waiting for understanding to blossom.

Hmm, let me see what I can find to help. You'll want a big crochet hook though, and I recommend practicing with yarn to understand the stitches.

You have to start with a chain, and then work off of that. I think a double crochet will make a comfy mat. There's plenty of basic walk throughs online.
ooh! Thanks, Suu!

No, I don't know how. :lol:  Right now I'm rolling the stuff into a ball, chilling and waiting for understanding to blossom.

So I'm still needing to do community service for having cash assistance, and I decided that since finding a place without so many volunteers that there is no work to be done is impossible almost, I should make some plarn sleeping mats, a legit excersize in community service. The only problem is I don't know how and the youtubes videos I watch I don't understand what I'm watching. I don't suppose I could get some tips from anybody here?

Huh.  Learn something new every day.

In further tales of Boehner Makes A Boner?

So, my health has been poor for the last few weeks.  The doctor sends me to the neurosurgeon.  The neurosurgeon tells me that my reticular formation is (and has been) "rewiring" itself.  It can't heal, but it can find new ways to use what's left.  This is normally a good thing, because it means that humans can recover from damn near anything.

However, the reticular formation basically acts as the brain's switchboard.  When it starts rewiring itself, that means that important signals get stepped on or interfered with, similar to "chatter" in data cables.  What this means in practical terms is that A.  I will get arrythmia to the point where I fall down if I'm standing, as well as B.  Sensory interference.  This can mean anything from numb limbs to hearing (balance, anyone?  Your brain isn't talking with your inner ear, check back in 30 seconds), to illusions.

Illusions are different from hallucinations in that you don't believe they exist.  The part of my brain that THINKS is unchanged (ie, still stupid), so when I see weird things (and by weird, I mean, HELLO, Ben Templesmith!), I just decide that it's this problem and ignore it.

The good news is, this didn't happen when I was younger, because it's happening far slower in my case and is less likely to, you know, have my brain just stop talking to my heart or lungs altogether.  The bad news is that it may take a little while for my brain to decide that it's done making repairs.  Like, say, 30 years or so.

The treatment course is "choke it down, sissy".  The best they can do is give me sedatives to make me feel better about it.

And if you know me at all, you know sedatives aren't really my style.

So this is what's been wrong with me for a while now.  Weeks.  Longer, really, but it's only just gotten bad this last spring.  I've been a bit of a hermit because I don't need ANY extra stress, and I wasn't going to deal with the latest version of holist.  Also, I've been super busy at work, as I have mentioned.

Thing is, there's been no time to write, so no stress relief.  So I am MAKING time to write, no matter how busy we are.  Next chapter in the PI story goes up sometime today.

Well, shit.  Very unhappiness. :sad:

My Monday schedule for the next...fucking forever:

Drive 8 miles to work in Vancouver, WA
7:00 am to 1:30 pm: Work
Drive 17.5 miles to the southernmost reaches of Portland (PCC Sylvania Campus)
3:00 pm to 5:20 pm: Improv Class
Drive 7 miles to SE Portland (PCC CLIMB Center)
6:30 pm to 9:20 pm: Intellectual Property Class
Drive 5 miles to HOME!

I think I may have made a dumb.

That sounds shit-tastic. Damn, dude.

The estimated 59 minutes of travel time is already over an hour and a half.

BUT improv was a hoot, and my IP Class has a 3D printer whirring up at the front...awesomeness almost makes up for the commute.

The awesome things sound super awesome!

IT disabled JavaScript for my machine in error. I asked them to turn it back on as I don't have access to those settings _legitimately_.

They spent twenty minutes or so this morning turning Java on and off again. These are two totally different technologies.

Is like having a mechanic trying to resolve flat tire by flashing headlights. YOU HAD ONE JOB.

:lulz:  That's terrible.

Hey Freeky! How goes?

Things go. 

How about you (question put to all, not just Twid)?

Generally the same as I've been for the past few months, except that my insomnia isn't staying up real late, now it involves sleep interruption and not being able to fall back asleep for significant stretches of time. It leaves me variously under- or over-rested. School. Need more studying.

Sounds butts, the sleep part. :(  Good luck with school!

Fuck off. There isn't a single person still interested in engaging with you here. This is the case solely because of your terrible conduct.

Let the thing respond all it likes.  Ignoring it is best, because not existing hurts more than being hated.  Pledge, and annoy the shit out of it.

It's possible, and distressing if so.  Possibly now that I've gotten him to some professionals, any damage done can be helped, and someone can help him cope with anger issues.

I am hopeful.

A strange and worrying development: 

Quote from: The Monkey's dad
We really need to get The Monkey seen by a doctor to be tested for ADD,ADHD, and anything eles. He is acting up at school by hitting other kids, and spitting on them. He is wetting his pants and he has even shit his pants just because he could. If we don't help him now we will be the reason for his failure.

Monkey only rarely hits people at his daycare when it's my week to watch him, less than once a week for the most part, and he's never wet or pooped himself before, once he was fully potty trained.  I've got him into behavioral health services, but he's only seen a counselor so far, because I can't get hold of doctors and so on.

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