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Techmology and Scientism / Re: The Tech Forum
« on: Yesterday at 08:12:50 am »
I would start a thread and see if it has legs, unless you mean to bring in an audience from places that aren't here, in which case a small board might be suitable.

Segregating Facebook profiles for security discussions are a bother.

Is a humanoid shape the optimum way to lift things or kill things?

I ask because the main application of bipedal robotics I'm aware of are human-impersonation (and if people will do, why augment them at all?) and as a research tool to develop the very cyborg upgrades/replacements you're talking about.

Most dirty/dangerous jobs we might like to apply robotics to seem to be performed better by nonhumanoid robots, to generalise somewhat.

More immediately useful in which situations?

That image bothers me in ways I find hard to describe.

First off, it's perfectly transparent about advertising snickers. But, it doesn't even get their ad right.

Second, it implies that (1) a firearm can take confectionery as ammunition, (2) Snickers bars are readily available in a combat zone, (3) gloves are required to handle candy bars, and (4) a damage bonus against enemies with peanut allergies is worth the required skill investment into weapon modification

In other words, the person who initially made it completely failed (on many levels) to comprehend the basic ideas of both weapon modification and candy bar commercials, and yet decided to combine them anyway. Probably, if I posted this rant to him directly, he'd have a hissy fit and complain about how I'm ruining his fun.

I guess what really bothers me is that the world contains people like the one who made that photo and posted it initially without realizing anything was wrong with it.




Pretty disturbing, not still not as bad as naming a dagger after every NPC in the game and then soultrapping them in it. Who was that, Paes?


Who are you and why should I give a shit?

Seriously, somebody riff, I have no grand scheme for this thing  :lol:

December 36 2014

Today I received an envelope postmarked December 53. While my rational mind tells me that I am the victim of a fairly mild prank - and this is certainly the sort of thing I would expect from Ben or in fact any of my other colleagues -, I must admit here, to myself, that I am somewhat shaken. I cannot tell what has my nerves so rattled. It should not be the date. Even were this situation to continue for so many days, nobody seems particularly concerned; we are all certain that the powers that be have the matter in hand. Nor should it be the content of the letter, which reads to me as equal parts triviality and nonsense. On a scrap of notepaper, a joint shopping and todo list with some small commentary and some absently added geometric doodles.

milk, eggs, bread, tp, eggs

remember to call marv and ask about causality leakage b/c otherwise we'll be doing this forever
don't forget the eggs they are ESSENTIAL

sorry to do this to you

Triviality and nonsense but it has me rattled. I'm sure it will pass. Otherwise life continues as usual. What's going to happen to the pay cycle is unclear but I've savings enough to draw on for some time, so long as I replace them as soon as cashflow resumes. Less seriously, I am uncertain what to do with grocery items due to expire in early January! Until now I've been winging it but I'll need to determine a system sooner or later. Here's hoping things are resolved before it comes to that.


Although, on looking that up it looks like that person used a track they knew would be muted for copyright violation to create that effect.

Also, saving this reaction GIF here:

Nobody. Figured I'd add some commentary while I decided whether I liked the direction.

Even as the smoke disperses and the charred timber settles, the chant of "THE MASTER IS COLD, INCREASE THE HEAT, THE MASTER IS COLD, INCREASE THE HEAT" haunts you.

And I'm not talking "I must imprison the humans to protect the humans", I'm inspired by a smartphone controlled air conditioning system I saw recently that, due to a rounding error, in response to the owner leaving the house, would try to set the temperature to 2147483647 degrees and put MAXIMUM POWER TO ALL HEATING COILS until it reached that, thereby burning down your house.

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