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I happen to have two coins.  Before I flip either, what's the probability they will turn up the same way?  50%.


Probability they will both flip to heads is .50 x .50. Probability they will both flip to tails is also .50 x .50. Each probability is .25, both probabilities combined is .50.

Essentially you have four conditions:

1. Coin A is heads and coin B is tails .25
2. Coin A is tails and coin B is heads .25
3. Coin A is heads and coin B is heads. .25
4. Coin A is tails and coin B is tails. .25

So you end up with 50% probability of one of each, and 50% probability of two of one.

Oh, the SAME WAY. Reading comprehension issue, don't mind me.

Or Kill Me / Re: I Forgot Why I Wrote this
« on: July 14, 2014, 10:17:37 pm »
That had some serious RAWR.

But the fuckboi sounds a bit like:

Featured / Re: V3X Rides the Correct Motorcycle
« on: July 14, 2014, 06:14:00 am »
I am so pleased that this is going on.

I'll admit I haven't looked into it too much. I would be interested in how it compares to the health benefits of a varied diet which I recall being raised in another thread as for whatever reason being better for people than any 'ideal superfood'.

Was the challenge in getting everyone fed primarily financial or did it have a large "I don't have time to assemble a nutritious meal" because if the available time is less of a factor, Nigel's point about equivalent nutrition being gained from rice, beans and collards may make that a preferable option?

I happen to have two coins.  Before I flip either, what's the probability they will turn up the same way?  50%.


Or can we just acknowledge, as a community because we're understandably still horribly allergic to mod abuses of power, that it's best for board health to not have him around?

I owe you guys two more Big Words, then I think I'm out for the duration of this cockweasel's stay.

Good riddance cuz your two cents don't amount to a penny's worth, stupid queer

How does this fuckwit not qualify for booting for spam?

I have temp banned Pope Lecherous and LuciferX for racist insults aimed at another board member (Nigel), although the aiming part wasn't necessary.

The admin group will of course have to decide as a group whether or not to make the ban permanent.

I suggest an open vote, but if ANY admin is uncomfortable with this, we'll take it to PM.

I'm really glad we let Lecherous back in because principles.


Oh, fuck off. You're even more insufferable than I remembered.

Burn the whole fucking thing down.

Fuck PL.

I actually failed to load that pic from Lucifer the first time, and am trying to figure out what the point was now because that seems out of character from the minimal parts of his posting that I understand. Too much benefit of doubt, probably. Fuck both those guys.

Just logged into SecondLife after many year absence. Dropped into an RPG I used to play there, which is facilitated by a scripted combat meter which hovers above everyone's head tracking their stats, complex enough to almost be a game engine. Originally I was invited to test the security of the system, then the owners flipped out at me when I found things, so I went public and the game was HAX EVERYWHERE for a while. It did not end well for anyone. Except me, who got lulz until they figured out how to permaban. (The combat meter was also responsible for bans, so for a while I would just regularly ban the owner from the game which in SecondLife catapults you violently from the game world and looks awesome.

Today I returned and just lurked in one of the game environments. The owner came around the corner and walked past me. Then came back and stopped for a minute and clearly went away to look up my character in the database.



For those of you who don't frequent SecondLife RPGs, this means I could kill everyone currently logged in without really touching any keys. I accidentally killed a few people while we were standing there chatting. Many lulz were had as I explained how to fix the exploit, which I found about ten minutes after returning to the game in the web page they use to set up characters.

Was a good evening.

Loads of excellent advice ITT. I found that reading Alexander the Great: Lessons in Strategy over the last couple of days that the bits of information that I had the best recall on were those for which I had the most context, as memories from Classics at school, so part of it will just be doing further research to add that context. Finding a practical way to take notes may also be good. If I manage to get a seat, it's all good.

I suppose one option I have is to read for entertainment on the train, to screen books in my collection and pick the ones worth dedicating time to actually learning later. It's such a significant part of my day that I'm keen to use it as best I can... but I probably need to dedicate some quieter less mobile time to study too.

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