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If you've got an altar to Eris, the best thing to add to it is an apology.

If you're looking to construct an altar to Eris and nothing will dissuade you, I suggest making it a safe, writing 'No, I didn't mean it, please don't give me more fun than I really wanted' and then locking yourself inside and waiting it out.

I recently discovered a Snape and Teletubbies erotic fanfic.   :horrormirth:

I mentioned this to Signora Paes and she was familiar with it.

Have gone through and deleted my real name/URLs including my real name from the few posts I mentioned it in, which Google will hopefully pick up.

Not too worried about it, but our elections are going hilariously and I may have drawn attention to myself by a) finding vulnerabilities in the National Party (leader of our government)'s website while our Prime Minister was trashing the opposition by saying that they stupidly 'left the security' off their own website.

And b) there are currently a series of hacked emails being leaked anonymously implicating National in various smear campaigns against the left, involving abuse of privileged information to embarass political rivals... and the hacker was hosting things on pastebin well in advance of actually linking to them, so I linked to files on pastebin before the hacker did.

So our elections are being ridiculous and I have some people Googling me wondering if I'm behind any of this madness. WHAT ARE Y'ALL DOING?

I'm seeing people claim the idea is to donate $10 if you do the challenge, $100 if you don't. But because it's being passed around on Facebook, most of the time the point is lost and it's just "HEY <tag 5 friends> PUT ICE WATER ON YOSELF." One person has claimed it's to simulate the shock you feel when you find out that you have a life-threatening illness.

Most of the time it's "Ha, I did the ice thing, now this list of people need to do it also or pay $100" followed by weird shaming for people who don't freeze themselves or have a spare $100.

On Friday I published a blog detailing security issues with the website of NZ's most litigious politician which result could result in total compromise of the server it's on. This week I have a coffee dates with infosec recruitment directors and there has been mention of a first annual "COME AT ME, BRO" award at NZ's yearly hacker convention.

Writing process documentation at work. If at any stage of the process the user clicks "SUBMIT" instead of "SAVE" everything will break forever, so after every step of the process it says:


Feels a little bit like brainwashing. I think I'm going to have to go through and flavour it up.



Aneristic Illusions / Re: Syria reported to have use Chemical Warfare
« on: August 08, 2014, 09:25:25 am »
I've been reading David Kilcullen's 'The Accidental Guerrilla' so find America injecting itself again especially eyebrow raising as he makes the argument there, mainly with regards to Al Qaeda, that a large part of the objective presently is not necessarily to defeat the West but to further gain the East by establishing fanatical cells within the territory of people who would just like to get on with their lives, then provoke the West into attacking and use this interference and military inconvenience to radicalise or at least partially mobilise the locals against the intruders, as the locals will side with the devil they know over American military interference, creating a much larger enemy than actually represents the movement.

Does ISIS employs a similar system? (I don't know, this may just be me stuck on what I'm reading at present, I'm yet to gain more than a shallow understanding of ISIS) It seems like moving in again with a very remote impersonal miltary presence seems likely to help such efforts, if they do.

Aneristic Illusions / Re: Syria reported to have use Chemical Warfare
« on: August 08, 2014, 12:48:37 am »

US President Barack Obama says he's authorised the US military to carry out airstrikes in Iraq against Islamic militants if they advance toward the city of Erbil.

All of the lurkers coming out of the woodwork are Pope Lecherous. Just you wait and see.

Successfully made a rough 3D island in Blender and textured water and land separately. Soon, precious, I will be a master of making game art assets.

What is our animal nature?

I thought that part of the nature of the human animal WAS culture. Can you define 'our animal nature'?

Aneristic Illusions / Re: Financial fuckery thread
« on: July 29, 2014, 11:38:45 pm »
“I swear to fulfil, to the best of my ability and
judgement, this covenant:
I will do my utmost to behave in a manner that
prioritises the needs of customers. It my first duty
to provide an exemplary quality of service to my
customers and to exhibit a duty of care above and
beyond what is required by law.
I will apply myself to ensuring that the work that
I perform is in line with values that engender the
responsible creation of value. It is my duty to conduct
my business in an ethical manner and to ensure that
my actions impact positively on the wellbeing of
people both inside and outside my enterprise.
I will confront profligacy and impropriety wherever
I encounter it, for the conduct of bankers can have
dramatic consequence for society. 
I will remember that I remain a member of society,
with special obligations to the financial security and
wellbeing of my customers, their families and the
communities they reside in.
If I do not violate this oath, may I benefit from the
prosperity that comes from serving customers well.
May I always act so as to preserve the finest traditions
of my calling and may I long experience the joy that
comes from supporting the needs of society.
This oath I make freely, and upon my honour.”
The Bankers’ Oath

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