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Techmology and Scientism / Re: Cooperation and Collaboration
« on: July 20, 2014, 08:32:12 pm »
Great, now I have to instantly hate and mistrust anyone who comes in all "LET'S DO PROJECTS TOGETHER".

Fuck you, PL.

Depends on the character I'm playing. If I'm in heavy RP mode, I may be more likely to play as a sentimentalist. If I'm playing someone whose focus is getting rich, I'll use a formula based on how rich I am to determine which items I pick up. Early days, items need to be worth at least ten times their weight in resale value and that goes up as I accumulate wealth.

I'm currently playing as a soul collector who pickpockets weapons from her victims, soul traps them, kills them with their own blade and then enchants the weapon and names it after the deceased. I have a house full of iron daggers named after each and every villager in the game. That's kind of a sentimentalist.


It's PD. We have an endless supply of douchnozzle.

PL is banned, though.

Article based on Facebook stalking of totally unfamous persons to determine their relationship status. WE NEED MORE OF THESE.


Poem on Facebook suggests gay couple first to wed on day of law change have parted less than a year later

New Zealand's first legally married same-sex couple is believed to have split.

Former Football Ferns player Melissa Ray and sales representative Natasha (Tash) Vitali won a ZM Radio competition to have an all-expenses-paid wedding in the Unitarian Church in Ponsonby at 8am on the day same-sex marriage became legal last August.

They went by horse-drawn carriage to a reception at the Cloud on the Auckland waterfront, followed by a honeymoon paid for by Tourism Fiji. But less than a year later, it seems to be all over.

A poem on Ms Vitali's Facebook page yesterday read:

Drink it down, laugh it off,

Avoid the drama, take chances,

And never have regrets

Because at one point everything you did

Was exactly what you wanted.

There were no photos of Ms Ray on the page, which was later removed after the Herald made inquiries.

Asked to confirm the split, Ms Vitali told a reporter politely: "It's not anyone's business, we'll just leave it at that, but thank you for calling.

"I'm not talking to you about my private life, we got enough coverage when we got married."

Labour MP Louisa Wall, who introduced the same-sex marriage bill and spoke at the wedding, said: "It is inappropriate for me to comment."

Ms Ray, who was 29 at the time of the wedding, heard that she and Ms Vitali, 37, had won the radio competition on the day of the funeral of her mother, Inez Ray, who had died suddenly just a few days before.

Ms Vitali said at the time that she had proposed to Ms Ray a year earlier and they had an engagement party in November 2012, but had not set a date for what would then have been a civil union because of the cost.

"If we were going to do it, it was always going to cost money, so it was something we got around to when we got around to it. It probably would have been next year," she said then.

But she said she jumped at the chance of a free wedding when she saw the radio contest advertised on the Gay NZ website, and the couple decided to go ahead despite Inez Ray's death.

There were 668 same-sex marriages between August and the end of March.

Thread redeemed.

I happen to have two coins.  Before I flip either, what's the probability they will turn up the same way?  50%.


Probability they will both flip to heads is .50 x .50. Probability they will both flip to tails is also .50 x .50. Each probability is .25, both probabilities combined is .50.

Essentially you have four conditions:

1. Coin A is heads and coin B is tails .25
2. Coin A is tails and coin B is heads .25
3. Coin A is heads and coin B is heads. .25
4. Coin A is tails and coin B is tails. .25

So you end up with 50% probability of one of each, and 50% probability of two of one.

Oh, the SAME WAY. Reading comprehension issue, don't mind me.

Or Kill Me / Re: I Forgot Why I Wrote this
« on: July 14, 2014, 10:17:37 pm »
That had some serious RAWR.

But the fuckboi sounds a bit like:

Featured / Re: V3X Rides the Correct Motorcycle
« on: July 14, 2014, 06:14:00 am »
I am so pleased that this is going on.

I'll admit I haven't looked into it too much. I would be interested in how it compares to the health benefits of a varied diet which I recall being raised in another thread as for whatever reason being better for people than any 'ideal superfood'.

Was the challenge in getting everyone fed primarily financial or did it have a large "I don't have time to assemble a nutritious meal" because if the available time is less of a factor, Nigel's point about equivalent nutrition being gained from rice, beans and collards may make that a preferable option?

I happen to have two coins.  Before I flip either, what's the probability they will turn up the same way?  50%.


Or can we just acknowledge, as a community because we're understandably still horribly allergic to mod abuses of power, that it's best for board health to not have him around?

I owe you guys two more Big Words, then I think I'm out for the duration of this cockweasel's stay.

Good riddance cuz your two cents don't amount to a penny's worth, stupid queer

How does this fuckwit not qualify for booting for spam?

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