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Actually, no, fuck it, I just remembered what else is happening today.

Elder Scrolls Online is dropping its monthly fee, which is basically, other than the whole "having to play it alongside other people" aspect, my only objection to not playing it.  Battlefield: Hardline was also released today, but the only decent Battlefield game is 1942 so eh, whatever.

I'm going to drink a ton of Red Bull tonight, just to be contrary.

Aneristic Illusions / Re: Random News Stories
« on: March 17, 2015, 05:49:18 pm »
Oh yeah.  Norquist has been banging on for years that Republicans should stop being such big meanies to Muslims.

Obviously, this makes him a Muslim sleeper agent.  Like Obama, or that guy from Homeland.

Aneristic Illusions / Re: Random News Stories
« on: March 17, 2015, 05:36:52 pm »
Norquist has been fighting an uphill battle to get Muslims more acceptable to Republicans since the 1990s.  His wife is Muslim and, as he points out, Muslims generally agree more with Republicans on social and fiscal issues.  After 9/11, it's been all but impossible to convince Republicans they have a ready made voting bloc.

There is some amusement though, in today's loonies eating yesterdays loonies for being too insufficiently committed to the Cause.

OK, point me to the people who are saying that Hades' kidnap of Persephone is true love.

Meanwhile, we have actual literal topselling books being made into films which glorify rape and spousal abuse.

Never heard of this blogger before, but his critique of the SJW world and its shortcomings is acute:

 :sad: I keep linking to Freddie all the time.  And he is a great a blogger.  As an academic and a socialist, he's one of the people who can critique those groups without making me feel like I've just walked into a proto-Teabagger rally (CULTURAL MARXISTS ZOMG).  He's also, apparently, a pretty good teacher.

i was convinced until i remembered that the word rape used to mean violent theft...
and that she seems to have translated a Latin word, and not a Greek one...
and that Google translate is probably not the best tool for comparatively analyzing ancient texts in any case..

Yup.  "The Rape of Persephone" refers to her abduction, not a rape in the sense we understand it.  You can still see this historical use of rape when referred to, for example, cities being sacked during wartime, but it's very antiquated and most people aren't even aware of the distinction.  Besides, the kidnap is also a metaphor.  C'mon now, King of the Dead takes the offspring of the Earth Mother by force?  Yeah, that's not obviously referring to something else at all.

Apparently though, pointing this out is: "literally used the argument that it isnít rape because society at the time didnít believe that women could be fully autonomous people and instead were property of their fathers to be given away when asked nicely. That is fucked up. Youíve also used the argument that someone staying with their abuser and making the best of it negates the abuse."

Well, yeah, it would be, except Persphone doesn't exist.  Also, not all Greek culture was the same.  Athens and Macedonia had vastly different views on women, much like, say, Saudi Arabia and Israel today.

Also, I have to disagree with this point made by the critic:

used that to castigate and demean not only the people who actually take their limited time to create gorgeous art but also to denigrate modern day worshippers of Persephone and Hades?

No, modern day worshippers of Hades and Persephone deserve to be castigated and demeaned as fuck.  Nothing is more embarrassing than Hellenic Reconstructionists.

I might install Morroblivion, while I wait.  Not for Molag Bal's penis, just generally.

Needs more "mashing the left mouse button in vain as you try to hit something, because your characters skills matter more than your own".

Still excited about Skywind tho.  They're going to add crafting, you know.  And possibly some kind of ashland form of survivalism module, like Frostfall for Skyrim.

I don't know whether or not they've decided to keep the penis on Molag Bal's statue, though,

In this context, I would just like to make clear, it was made after there was an attempted rape just across the road the previous Saturday night.

It was also made clear, in the email, that it was about anyone who had to work alone.  It was just a classic red herring from management, which is their preferred method of engagement, when spluttering and being self-righteous or implying people should quit doesn't work.


We cannot be trusted with petty cash.  Students must teleport to the Bursar's office (likely using the same technology they use to illegally enter the country and steal jobs) if they need cash.  Even if it''s a Saturday night, and the Bursar wont be in until Monday.  If we need petty cash for milk or coffee, we must phone our line manager.

The only problem with having a female member of staff working alone at nights is that people who complain about it are sexist pigs who think women are not capable of running a building.

Paperwork is awesome.  We should use as much paper as possible.

We are literally powerless to stop one of our 18 year old students dating a 40 year old in the building.

We are a boarding house, except when we are not.  And we are a student accomodation, except when we are not.  And sometimes, we exist in a state where we are neither a boarding house or student accomodation, until someone asks a question, which collapses the field and causes the management to have an undignified meltdown of righteous indignation.

Meeting time.

Thus far, the student who assaulted me on the weekend has not been expelled.  Trust me, I want an explanation for this.
How did it go?

Meeting was hilariously bad.

However, the student is going to be shipped off to Russian military school at the end of the week.  So there is that at least.

Meeting time.

Thus far, the student who assaulted me on the weekend has not been expelled.  Trust me, I want an explanation for this.

Staff meeting on Monday.


This is going to be hilarious and terrible.

Uh oh.

Attacked by a drunken student tonight.  Got several bruises, nothing major.  Not the point though.

Said drunken student was meant to be kicked out earlier today, due to breaking rules about blocking the smoke detector in his room while on his final warning.  Line manager reversed his decision, gave him a second final chance.

Even better - I sent an email to my line manager on the 8th asking for guidance when dealing with drunken students who are not from the college who actually employs me.  Naturally, he has not replied.

So this meeting just got more fun than anyone ever wanted.

Holy crap man!

Have you gotten any testimony down? The student that assaulted you is liable as is your employer if you can establish the ample negligence you've described. I'm not saying a suit is what you should do, thought you surely could, but having a few pieces of deposition worthy evidence at the meeting should get their eyes popping open and their butts puckering. This is the moment to negotiate.

The key is in not ever threatening legal action, merely demonstrate the documentation, legal knowledge, and your organized resolve. That assault is THEIR fault as much as the student.

Lex talionis good sir.

Don't worry, this aint my first rodeo.

Statements were made by the other member of staff and myself, and I copied emails about the issues mentioning in the previous post.

Of course threatening legal action would be stupid - I can still be dismissed at any time, for any reason  Beyond that, pursuing a criminal case requires resources that are beyond my means - most notably, time and money.

That doesn't mean I'm going to let this slide, though.  Security concerns have been raised before now, in regards to staff and drunken students.  Those concerns, thus far, have been met with silence or wilful misunderstanding.  This building is advertised as having security.  Funny, because last time I checked, neither myself nor any of my coworkers are licenced SIA personnel (I have done security work, but my licences are not valid....and it's not the work I signed up for).

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