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FYI, Johann Hari is a man.

Aneristic Illusions / Re: CAIN!
« on: January 23, 2015, 02:46:46 pm »
Well, the fact that ISIS were able to take out this general is strongly suggestive of sympathizers and intelligence from within the military.  I would not be surprised, if a large scale assault did happen, that the KSA Army would fade away like the Iraqis.  Hell, at least elements of the Iraqi Army have some experience of fighting.

According to polls carried out by the Washington Institite, ISIS doesn't have an overall broad level of support in Saudi Arabia.  They claim 5%...I personally suspect it's a bit higher, and its also worth noting the WI is a neocon-lite think tank.  The vast majority of ISIS foreign fighters are Saudi, over 3000, and they have been sponsoring sporadic terrorist attacks within the Kingdom.  Their support is also apparently growing:

    Saudi officials don’t like to talk about it, but experts who closely follow developments inside the kingdom say ISIS enjoys growing support among ordinary Saudis, who see the group as the true champion of embattled Sunnis in their sectarian struggles against the Shiite-led governments in Iran and elsewhere. For many Saudis, ISIS also stands for a righteous, austere brand of Islam, while the royal family, they believe, is irredeemably corrupt.

Now, after years of condemning yet turning a blind eye to jihadists fighting against the Bashar Assad regime in Syria, the kingdom’s leaders are increasingly worried about support for ISIS at home.

The ideology is similar enough that disgust for the House of Saud may act as a tipping point in deciding support for either.  Of course, the Saudis do have their pet mullahs, control of the media etc.

Aneristic Illusions / Re: CAIN!
« on: January 23, 2015, 06:20:39 am »
Pretty good, in the short term.  Not to speak ill of the dead, but he really was a useless bag of shit, and most of the day to day running of the Kingdom was left to Crown Prince Nayef (IIRC).

Salman, who succeeds him, allegedly has Alzheimers.  And he's 79.  No doubt if the former is true, the plan is to lead him around by the nose, let the succession council rule in his name and hope he kicks the bucket before the next candidate in line reaches their 80th birthday.

In the longer term, things are looking more uncertain.  ISIS smoked a Saudi general last week.  No-one noticed because of what went down in Paris, but they got suicide bombers across the border and killed the commanding officer for border security in the North.  It's very possible a larger push will develop and...well, I dont credit the KSA Army with fighting spirit, lets put it that way

Also, Roger rediscovers Lady Gaga CD in his office, Filthy Assistant has a stroke.

Coincidence?  I think not.  If only Dave Mustaine could figure out the connection....

If you feel like going for a round with it, shure.  It looks cool from a third party view, though.

Flamethrower gameplay
.  Also:

- no missile killstreak
- arm through gut!
- good guy Turian Sentinel
- fire explosions.  Lots and lots of fire explosions.

Holy crap, dude.  Flamethrowers and grenades.  Awesome.

Not much armor on that guy, though.  He takes a lot of damage.

His shields are something like 375 when maxed out.

He does have about 1100 health though, and health regen.  It's about playing it smart.  Which is why I can't be bothered to play vorcha.

If you feel like going for a round with it, shure.  It looks cool from a third party view, though.

Flamethrower gameplay
.  Also:

- no missile killstreak
- arm through gut!
- good guy Turian Sentinel
- fire explosions.  Lots and lots of fire explosions.

Remember ages ago when I linked to an article describing how Republicans used the House Rules Committee to effectively do whatever they wanted?

Well, Paul Ryan apparently came to similar conclusions as the masterminds behind that legislative chicanery.

Most politicians who can gin up presidential speculation do (see Gingrich, Newt). It means more reporters covering their speeches, more money for their PAC, more invitations to the Sunday shows. But Rep. Paul Ryan took himself out of the race early.

"After giving it a lot of thought, I've decided not to run for president," he said. "Our work at the House Ways and Means Committee over the next few years will be crucial to moving America forward, and my job as chairman deserves undivided attention."

In doing, Ryan showed he understands something most ambitious politicians don't. The real power in American politics resides in Congress, not in the presidency.

People say the president has the power to set the agenda, and it's true. But presidents only set agendas they think Congress might pass, or at least consider. The president leads — but only where he thinks Congress will follow.

But now Ryan's chair of the vastly more powerful House Ways and Means Committee (it's roughly the counterpart to the Senate Finance Committee, which Baucus ran). Now he has control over the process that will produce the key bills, as well. Combining the role Ryan has built in the party as Ideologist-in-Chief with the power of the House Ways and Means Committee almost instantly makes Ryan the most powerful Republican in the country when it comes to party's policy direction, particularly on economic and domestic policy.

Given that, it makes sense that Ryan pulled himself out of the race early. If Ryan was running for president in 2016 — or if Republicans even thought he might run for president in 2016 — they would assume his work at Ways and Means was really preparatory work on behalf of Ryan 2016. Worse, his fellow potential candidates would have to distance themselves from Ryan's ideas, as he would be a threat to them. But now Ryan can work to shape all their agendas simultaneously, and they will have to compete for his favor — they'll want both his endorsement and, if they win, his help.

Ryan has been better at understanding how much power ideas can have in American politics than pretty much any member of Congress in recent years. This shows that he's got a clear-eyed view of how much power congressional process holds, too. If he was running for president in such a crowded field, odds are that he probably wouldn't win — and, thus, neither would his ideas. But now that he's forsworn any interest in the presidency while making clear he's going to really use the power of the House Ways and Means Committee, no Republican will be able to win and govern without adopting Ryan's ideas.

Oh, yeah.  A few classes do, actually.  Is that a request for flamethrower gameplay?  It's pretty cheap and this game, guns normally hit harder than powers, but flamer hits harder than most guns.  It's pretty easy to build the Geth Trooper to do 590 damage a second with the right build and mods...for comparison, the Claymore was doing 3700 per shot in that video, when shot from cloak, on a target affected by the proxy mine.  But flamer can affect multiple targets, and the damage stacks.  It also has an innate bonus to armour damage, and a .75 multiplier option in the power spec.

It doesn't come with a scope.  None of the shotguns do, though arguably the N7 Crusader could benefit from one.

Enjoy your commentated video, you filthy animals


The hell kind of gun is that?

A shotgun.  Rather, THE shotgun.  The definitive big fucking gun of the series...the Claymore.  On a per shot basis, its the third heaviest hitting weapon in the game...however, the other two are single shot sniper rifles, and because of the way the games shield mechanics work, the Claymore is a better choice against shielded enemies (when shooting a shielded enemy, the damage per shot does not "bleed over", meaning you need one shot to break the shield and another to damage the health or armour.  However, the Claymore and most other shotguns fire pellets which are counted as individual bullets, so you can rip through shields.  Since the introduction of Phasic Rounds, single shot sniper rifles can effectively one-shot kill shielded regular enemies, but it does mean skipping out on using a better ammo power, like incendiary).

With the smart choke, it has a pretty ridiculous range, and if you choose a character with accuracy bonuses, like the Turian Soldier or Geth Infiltrator, you can effectively snipe across the map with it.  The GI Claymore was what I originally used when I moved up to playing Gold difficulty and...well, it pretty much trivializes everything.

Aneristic Illusions / Re: "Stupid wingnut says something stupid" thread
« on: January 22, 2015, 11:29:19 am »
Yup.  Thank goodness we don't have ready access to firearms over here, or it'd be a complete nightmare in the making.

It'd also be interesting to run those statistics for Muslim youth.  I could very easily turn unemployment into a national security issue.  The Red Brigades emerged from the unemployed, heavily Marxist educated students of the Italian 1960s.  Just saying, when you're unemployed and the state is harassing you, someone  hypothetical group going around claiming to want to combat the state - let's call this group, for the sake of argument "Ql-Aaeda" or "LISI" - is probably going to get more recruits than if everyone's got a job and feels like they're going somewhere.

Well, it can't be as bad as Destiny, so that's a point in its favour.

Aneristic Illusions / Re: "Stupid wingnut says something stupid" thread
« on: January 22, 2015, 10:27:32 am »
Temporary job setbacks dont real, as the yoof of today might say.

And it's not like jobs around the country offer petrol money to those they invite to interview or anything, right?  Every time a Kipper opens their mouth, I am more and more convinced they have never existed in the real world.  They've probably had the same couple of comfy jobs all their lives, and literally have no idea what the modern job market entails.

I also like the implied "being on benefits sucks and makes you so extremely poor you cant even afford to do the basics of lets punish the fuckers even more!"  That's a nice touch.

I've found offering your services for free tends to be able to land you the entry level jobs.

Unfortunately, in our supposedly capitalistic society, working for free seems to have become something of a standard among the academia-related spheres.  See: every entry level wank-tank job in London, for example.

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