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Tyrrapedia is intended to be a comprehensive guide to the Tyrran setting. We will collect and index in-game information and lore from every NERO chapter and maintain an ongoing chronicle of events.

Point of View

Tyrrapedia is a body of knowledge available to the people of Tyrra. This website represents an encyclopedia being written in Evendarr City by scholars from all over Avalon.

The scholars are civilized, lawful, human, politically neutral, and impartial. They are meant to be an outside point of view which can describe our setting to somebody who doesn't know anything about it. The scholars are NPCs who report to the National Setting Manager.

NERO Players who wish to submit information to Tyrrapedia post information to this wiki from the point of view of one of these scholars. The scholar you portray will have visited your region, interviewed numerous people living there, and have a relatively objective view of what's going on.

The scholars are slightly biased in favor of law, civilization, and humanity because they are the default positions of our game. The scholars do not consider evil or monstrous points of view appropriate for this work. When adventurers kill a tribe of orcs, the Tyrrapedia scholars are biased towards the adventurers -- they describe the orcs as monsters, not as a defenseless people being murdered or oppressed.

Why not post as our characters?

Tyrrapedia is not intended as a theater for roleplay or in-game arguments. NERO characters can be biased in ways which conflict with our goal of describing the Tyrran setting. Characters might be tempted to be disruptive, wikiturf, editorialize, or portray events in a favorable way. This may lead to in-game edit wars, which is not desirable. (and for that matter, what would an edit-war even look like in-game? It doesn't make any sense, so let's not create that scenario.)

Conflicts and Consistency

NERO is a collaborative setting. It is created simultaneously in numerous locations by multiple players and plot writers. As such, it is impossible that it has been created consistently. Conflicts will arise. Some disputes will be settled by moderation, others may be settled by vote.

Where does truth come from in a collaborative setting? This is an interesting problem: what is "real" in an imaginary world?

In general, many disputes are settled by consensus. For example, if Kobolds are red in most chapters, but blue in one or two chapters, the article should say that kobolds are red.

Regional Exceptions may be marked using a template. In the above example, the article on Kobolds would have a template box which notes: "In Kaurath, Kobolds are blue."

Information established at a higher degree of visibility is considered "more true" than regional or local information. For example, if a regionally established trait for a race conflicts with information established in a race packet, Tyrrapedia's article would favor the race packet's information.

Where in-game conflicts exist, we will attempt to describe the conflict without participating in it.

Regional pages should be moderated by a NERO staff member who plays in that region.

Secret Information

Tyrrapedia is meant to be a guide to common knowledge. Information which is meant to be secret or must be discovered in-game should not be posted here.

Plot Directors may submit a takedown request for information which might be sensitive to an active plotline.


Character page: list name, race, profession, player name, location, bio, picture

OOC Info page: marks a page as OOG information, such as info about Tyrrapedia

Regional Information: a box which lists information specific to a chapter. For example: In Kaurath, kobolds are blue.

Can we have an OOC Info tag which is hidden in print view?

Guide Structure

  • Table of Contents
  • Common Races
  • Locations
    • Kingdoms
      • Duchies
        • Baronies
  • Who's Who
  • Bestiary
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