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The Mgt:
THE PRINCIPIA DISCORDIA BLOG: Our newest project, this gives us...well, another place to put rants, random pieces of information and other fun things.  It should be good, given the ability of contributions on this site. : Synaptix hosts a shitload of free downloads, PDF versions of most discordian literature, podcasts, a web store full of sweet-ass stuff, and, of course, the POEE forums (which have a decidedly mincing euro flavor to them.) : Rev. What's His Name's forum dedicated to the Black Iron Prison Project. Important Work being done by Important People. Definitely worth checking out if you're of a more philosophical/intellectual bent. (now dead, the project is being continued in the Think For Yourself, Schmuck! Forum - Cain)  The Wiki Project of the above.  Can also be used to host any other information you think it is worth having in a Wiki format.  Ask RWHN, LMNO or Synaptyx about getting an account.  A German translation of the Principia Discordia, for our Deutche speaking freunde. The Online Discordian Society - The blog of Baron von Hoopla The Appendix Discordia - another Discordian blog - Cain's occasionally Discordian blog

Shibboleet The Annihilator:

East Coast Hustle:

Not to sound ungrateful or anything, but, is there a way to get POEE and BIP also linked on the main site?  If not that's cool, just thought I'd ask. 

But, btw, thanks for the link here.   :-D

The Mgt:
there probably is. I'll ask Syn about it later today, as I have pretty much no idea what I'm doing as far as the forum software goes.


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