Author Topic: Can anybody identify the name, author, or beginning of this poem?  (Read 182 times)

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I cane across an excerpt from a poem recently and I'm trying to figure out where it's from originally.

In the talk page for the wikipedia article on the mythological land Cockaigne one of the posters mentioned a modern poem on the subject in which the name of the land is rendered as "Cocaine" (by analogy with the similarly named drug) and which after describing the wonders of the land ends by describing the following hazing ritual required to enter:

Seven summers you must sit
    In a pile of piggy shit
    That reaches slightly past your chin
    And after that, we'll let you in!
    I hope you'll do this holy penance
    Sweet Cocaine could use more tenants

The person who posted it couldn't identify the source. They said they thought it might have been by Shel Silverstein but that they weren't sure and that a Google search turned up nothing. I've double checked, and A Google search for it, depending on how it's parsed, indeed turns up either literally nothing or else a bunch of pages that have some of the search words but are missing most of them, and a DuckDuckGo search turns up only the original Wikipedia talk page, and, strangely, a bunch of unrelated Homestuck, Inuyasha, and My Little Pony fanfictions (none of which seem to be the source of the poem)

I thought I'd ask here if any of you know where its from since the excerpt has a slightly Discordianish ring to it
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