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Thurnez Isa:
surpised we didnt have a thread like this
unless im going blind in my old age

"Doomsday 50 Visions of the end of the world"

Nigel Cawthorne

kind of mediocre but interesting in a way
only cost me 5 dollars though  :-)

East Coast Hustle:
we did.

it died a merciful death long ago during the schism.

I'm reading Robert Greene's Laws of Power again.

I moved the original to the library after some thread diving a while back.  If you want, I can combine.  And I'm reading Glaser and Kaufmann "What is the offense defense balance and how can we measure it?"

Sadly, I don't really have much time to read anymore.

But the last thing I read was Will Self's "Cock and Bull".

Kafka-esque satire, ftw.

Self's a good chap.  He's put alot of the Rush Limbaugh wannabe's in this country firmly in their place.


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