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What would a stranger noob like me need to know to get in on the ground floor of operations in this little disorganization?

I read the phamplet already, but out of order since the assembly instructions are magnificiently complicated, and also couldn't help but feel like it ends on a bit of a mystery.

What I am left wondering is, is there more?  Most of the phamplet felt like preaching to choir for me, and considering that, I have to ask (not to sounds Matrix cliche) does this rabbit hole run any deeper?

Also I think I was encouraged to check this stuff out, it seems like the avant garde of Discord.

East Coast Hustle:
I can't speak for anyone else that's contributed to the project, but personally, I tend to consider myself more as someone who has shitloads of questions and dialogues about them in a manner that occasionally leads me to an insight into something.

But I'd be a lying motherfucker if I said I had Answers(tm).

But every voice in the conversation adds an exponential layer of feedback and perspective, so welcome aboard. Props on the Macho Man avatar.

humility, creativity, and progress seem to be the name of the game

people heading in the same direction have a tendency to end up in the same place at some point

there is a 'WE' here, but there is also a revolving door



The process tends to go like this:

Make an insight.  Delve into it.  Post it.

Then, we all offer our take on it.  Hopefully, we bring a new angle to it, shed more light on it.

Sometimes, we call utter bullshit on it.  Sorry, them's the breaks.

Then, we refine it, and see if it can be made into a pamphlet, or something.

So:  Fire away.

I look at it as a no-joke approach to Discordianism.  In the process, these new, or new to us, metaphors evolved.  It was and is quite magical. 

Yeah, the first pamphlet was a little preachy.  And it did scare some regulars.  But, I think we wanted to get down to the brass tacks to use a cliche.  The Principia Discordia was great but, sometimes, it felt like maybe the humor got in the way of the message.  And certainly, today, the humor would just plain get lost.  It's outdated. 

This effort is an attempt to update the message, in the process, we've taken it our own way, whoever the our is.  So as everyone has said, and I will echo, pull up a chair, bean-bag, toadstool, whatever and ante up. 


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