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Ive think I have read just about everything put out by RAW.
Iluminatus! ,Mask (and Shadows)of the Illuminati,Ishtar Rising,Sex and Drugs,Schroedinger's Cat, Co-Incidance,Illuminati Papers,Prometheus Rising, Chaos and Beyond,Wilhelm Reich in Hell, Reality is What you Make of It and Right Where You Are Sitting Now.

Spoon E. Gee:
see thats why I asked if anyone knows a complete list... cuz that one isnt even half of his stuff....

Irreverend Hugh, KSC:
The man is brilliant. And he inspires me to push myself further with my own writing experiments.
I have read the Illuminatus! Trilogy, of course, Masks of the Illuminati, Shrodinger's Cat Trilogy, Illuminati Papers, etc. Ant the thing of it is, rereading the stuff only makes it more profound. At least that's where I'm at at the present...if in fact, I can be located anywhere.

I had a complete list of his work somewhere i think, or.. im not sure but you never know :P hummsa, wait will try to find the url :P
btw I love what he writes, so far I only have completed "Prometheus rising" and "Ilumminatus!" but im halfway through "SchrÀÜdingers cat" and then I will try to find that "reality is what you can get away with" or "Everything is under control" well.. :O
well, I think it is a list of his work under that pulldownmenu there :P
edit: wrote a word in wrong language ^^

I own and have read nearly all his works, of the top of my head.

Cosimc Trigger I, II and III
Historic Illuminti Trilogy: (not printed in a collection that i know of)
-Widows son
-Earth Will Shake
-Nature's God
Illuminatus Trilogy: (only printed in the collected verison)
Schrodinger's Cat Trilogy: (avalible if you look long and hard in sperate paperback form pocketbook, I own the last 2 parts in seperate print only:( )
Mask of the Illuminati
Promethus Rising
Ishtar Rising
Sex & Drugs
Whilhem Riech in Hell
Quantam Psycholgy
Reality is what you can get away with
the Walls Came Tumbling Down

hrmm i know there is more....


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