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Ha! I thought it sounded mightily linked to the notion of realia.

This part explains why:

--- Quote ---Philosophers, notably Popper, have also considered the relation between subjective knowledge (which he calls world 2), objective knowledge (world 1) and the knowledge represented by man-made artifacts (world 3).

--- End quote ---

Here's the wiki on realia:

Starship, take me:
I have this ongoing thought experiment about compiling a database of all observable events here on Earth (i.e. every wave of the oceans, conversation, birth, death, plant germinating, ad infinitum).

I suppose if such a database were freely available to all people, the species might see a great increase in extelligence, intelligence, or any other type of -telligence.

I think the NSA and the DHA and the CIA have a job for you...

Starship, take me:

--- Quote from: Buddhist_Monk_Wannabe on December 13, 2006, 06:47:52 am ---I think the NSA and the DHA and the CIA have a job for you...

--- End quote ---

Well, I'll probably wind up in a CIA prison in Uzbekistan anyway.  Of course, I might enjoy being a quadruple agent and narcing on all the Three Letter Agencies.


That sounds like a dangerous but hilarious passtime.  :lol:


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