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A Realistic Way for People to Live Together

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Recently got into a discussion that tried to jolt idealism into the realm of reality regarding how people would ideally live together.

'Co-exist peacefully'

Suprisingly (or not) the technology that has developed on the internet seems to be the ideal method for communicating in this type of 'real/ideal' situation.

(Depending on whether or not you see the bulletin board technique as 'new', or just a new version of something old)

Here were the general principles (series of agreements):

Agree to:

- to never come over without being invited

- never to set in motion a process that results in any unnecessary disturbance in your vicinity (sirens, alarms, explosions, etc)

- unless otherwise requested, all communications will be placed at a 3rd party location, and will be placed there with the understanding that they may never be retreived or responded to

- never ask for a favor

- make available anything that i have an abundance of for you to use or not use as you see fit

the knee-jerk feedback has been 'there is no way to enforce those rules' which is true - it would require some notion of a different kind of justice doled out by something else in some form

the other knee-jerk reaction was 'rules arent good' - which is true
but it seems that disrespect for others is worse than having to agree on some basic rules
- also: i dont really see any lack of freedom in this scenario

if anything - it seems like these agreements fit into the whole 'do as thou wilt...' situation which seems to be the correct dirtbike to be riding thru the wilderness

seems to follow suit that if people made those type of (respectful) agreements, nobody would trip over anybody else

it lacks a certain element of romance, but people are creative

so please - take aim and blast some holes in this

is it that outlandish?

is somebody going to bring up the 'humans are animals and cant live like this' argument?

3rd party communication leads to passive aggressive behavior.


--- Quote from: Rabid Badger of God on December 18, 2006, 04:48:13 am ---3rd party communication leads to passive aggressive behavior.

--- End quote ---

what type of passive aggessive behavior?


I'd put in my two cents but it's against the rules.


--- Quote from: Benaclypse on December 18, 2006, 04:54:18 am ---I'd put in my two cents but it's against the rules.

--- End quote ---

what you just said violates section 884.1a of Teh Rules

youre fired


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