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Antibiotics are one of the most dangerous things humans have created. I'd much rather feel like shit for a week or two than rely on a crutch like that at the expense of my immune system atrophying. Fair enough, as a last resort but it aint the magic bullet modern medical practice prescribes or, if it is, there's a serious backfire issue.



people have really become insensitive to words

it doesnt get much more direct than anti-biotic

I've only taken them once in my life, when I had strep-throat.  They did jack.  Halls coughdrops made a much bigger impact. 

its common man

they tear babies out of the womb via c-section and have them on anti-biotics before they even taste their mommas nipple

its no joke man

there is some ugly shit that goes on in 2006

if i create my own reality, then im gonna be busy un-creating a lot of shit

It's funny how "progress" is measured by different societies.  For example, prolonged life.  Living to 90 and beyond is a norm now.  Of course, there is much more cancer now than when people were lucky to see 70.  It seems, maybe, that our technical evolution is outpacing the evolution of cell biology. 

I dunno, I think I'd much rather die at 70 while having all of my faculties about me rather than being bed-ridden and significantly inmobile at 95. 

Same with the anti-biotics.  I'm sure it has averted tradgedy for some folks and their families.  But, when it's used for relative trivial maladies are we sewing the seeds of our own destruction? 

It seems somewhere along the way, we stopped trusting nature. 
Or, we just started flipping her the bird. 


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