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Looking for some help.

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It just occured to me that it might seem a little lame of me to post here asking for help, rather than just poking around for ideas.

My difficulty is that I don't know what the policy is on snitching ideas, especially for what could (in my fantasy world, I know) become a commercial endeavor.

So I was asking, rather than just quietly poking.


Everything here (with the exception of Roger's rants) should be kopyleft, but it's best to doublecheck with the original poster.

You can steal all of my shit, BTW.

take take take and dont look back

the worst that can happen is somebody feels bitter and tries to come after you

jealousy, etc

Thurnez Isa:
look through history as well
could get a lot of good ideas from things such as the salamader letter, priory of sion, ect....


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