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Looking for some help.

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Thurnez Isa:
I'm always partial to a good old hoex
make good reading too, expecially if it starts spiraling out of control...

Well, you'll find plenty of mindfucks, and plenty of organizational ideas.


--- Quote from: Daniel on December 19, 2006, 06:47:24 pm ---I think that's why someone suggested I come poking around here.


--- End quote ---

no doubt

now all we need is a time machine to jump ahead and figure out exactly how it happens

then come back here

and you can write it

it would be a pre-biography



Now I want a time machine.

Fight Club?

Of course, if you are really lucky, the book will be so huge that you will get offered a movie deal, happy meal toys and computer game tie-ins  :wink:


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