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Who are "They"?

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--- Quote from: LMNO on December 22, 2006, 01:00:38 pm ---
anthropomorphication (christ, is that a word?)

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(have to admit tho I like yours better)

I think everyone has made some really good points.  I think in large part "they" has become a sort-of referential cop-out.  But, I think it largely gets ignored anyway.  You hear it all the time from talking heads and pundits.  But then again there are lots of referential terms that end up being like that.  I think of when the Republicans and Democrats start going at one another.  "The Democrats are..."  or "The Republicans are..."  lumping them all together when it is clear there are members of each party who don't always deserve to be lumped with the whole. 

Of course in the media, soundbytes are gold.  Long-winded explications and explanations are forbidden.  I think people in other realms of life and society fall into it as well.  To save time, among other things.


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