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Free Will: Necessary Delusion?

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"Dr. Wegner said he thought that exposing free will as an illusion would have little effect on people's lives or on their feelings of self-worth. Most of them would remain in denial.

'It's an illusion, but it's a very persistent illusion; it keeps coming back,' he said, comparing it to a magician's trick that has been seen again and again. 'Even though you know it's a trick, you get fooled every time. The feelings just don't go away.'"

No troll.

Thurnez Isa:

--- Quote ---That is hardly a new thought. The German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer said, as Einstein paraphrased it, that “a human can very well do what he wants, but cannot will what he wants.”

Einstein, among others, found that a comforting idea. “This knowledge of the non-freedom of the will protects me from losing my good humor and taking much too seriously myself and my fellow humans as acting and judging individuals,” he said.
--- End quote ---

I think I have to think about that one for a while...

I think it maybe best to try to think of a situation to scrutinize
I don't think the writers chocolate menu example is very good

The Einstein paraphrase of Schopenhauer stood out to me too...throwing in the morality with the inability to enact free will is also interesting.

If it were neccessary, we wouldn't be able to believe it doesn't exist.
Or find out.  It isn't so crushing as you might think to resign yourself to fate.

You're still the same afterwards as you were before, and still just as important.
I always tied in the lack of free will with determinism, which when taken with only that one idea, can be a bummer.  It would mean you're never in real control, and the idea of control that you once had, was bullshit.

But then again, it does mean that your actions have true consequence, and you do contribute to this Universe and crazy human comedy in a much more real way.  If we could all act outside of cause-effect, we would all be Gods with the ability to askew and rend the achievements of other from time and space.

It can't exist, and that isn't so disturbing.

It seems that the terms are being used loosely.

Being able to do as you will within the confines of what is physically possible to do might be more accurate.

And then, the conditioning and imprints of this domesticated primate life would have to be overcome, as well.

Which makes it highly improbable to have completely free will.  Not to mention, anyone who did have completely free will would probably be locked up by society.


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