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I just read something that struck me.  LMNO said, "It's not a benefit if you don't use it."

This is important.  We are allowed access to so much.  The internet, a supermarket, your neighborhood, your home, your time.  How effective could I be if I never slept in, took short showers, played no games, and spent every moment either working, learning, creating, or engaging people in mental activity?  I think I could change a lot of my environment. 

Rest is dangerous, I think.  You can rest until you die, but you will live emptily.  You can work while resting too.  And that's what most people do, because they can't rest enough at home because they're neurotic.  This society will kill your soul if you aren't adamantly alive and thinking.  With access to untold information at our fingertips, how can we be content with anything but brilliant discovery and progress?


once you see it - its hard to be content with anything less

the internet is waking people up

we get to be creative and get immediate feedback instead of sitting around and watching the results of other peoples creativity

Triple Zero:
i need to print that shit out and tape it to the inside of my eyelids.

and now i stop reading this fucking forum cause i'm off to create something.

I like how you took my one-off about vacation time at work and ran with it.

Good show, old chap.

It is true the internet offers much promise for information exchange and gathering.  I wouldn't be able to do my job without it.  Or at least, it would take a lot longer to do it without it. 

At the same time, I think a lot of people use the internet to reinforce their lazyness.  Not just physical, but social.  The internet, for many, becomes their social circle.  Then there ability to converse and exchange information with people in person becomes eroded.  Meanwhile, while on the internet for their socialization, they do not think to use this powerful resource to expand their minds.  To learn about new things.  Or to learn new things about concepts they think they are very familiar with. 

There's also a generational gap.  While it is true more and more baby boomers, and even some elderly, are tapping into the internet, it largely remains foreign.  These people still get a majority of their ideas from newspapers, books, Television, etc. And really, I think the generations need, to some degree, to get on similar pages.  When the baby boomers retire society is going to become very interesting with Social Security just being the tip of the iceberg. 

But, Felix is right.  There is much that is not taken advantage of that might give people a better understanding of the environment they exist in.  But, is that likely to change?  I'm not optimistic. 


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