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Thanks for saying that, RWHN.  I have seen a LOT of breakdown of IRL relationships that's partly because of this well, somewhat of an addiction? to the internet and how push-button technology can take raw humanity and make it at best passe and worst just an inconvenience.

There's the flipside to everything, even vacation.  Too much of it and your unemployed, not enough and an IBS-riddled workaholic.  However, there's rest and there's slack.  There's IRL relationships and there's syphons and sycophants.  There's online-gurus and there are hacks.  *shrug*

Again, it's a judgment call.  You use too little of one thing you have access to:  why?  Do you NEED it?  Is it MISSING from your life?  Or are you just not tapping in to a resource that will benefit you in the short-or-long run? 

I get antsy when I hear an all-or-nothing plea, not to say Felix's inquiry in the OP above was just that.  But sometimes there are just "seasons" for things, and sometimes there are just "reasons" for things.  But then, I'm a "case by case" kinda person, anyway.

LHX- Concept of immediacy.  I don't think anything is immediate, but I like that line of inquiry.  'Boom', as you are given to saying, yes?

LMNO- That's high praise, it's just two paragraphs.  :oops:

RWHN: Time will tell.  I'm something of a futurist these days, and I can't help being optimistic about the longview, no matter how things look now.

Jenne: I maintain a slight addiction to interweb, but it's mainly because of LG. 8)

Felix, I of all people would be last to accuse anyone of inappropriate time use on the computer (ahem, notice my post count on any given forum!).

I would say "inappropriate" time use would be any use that cuts into social time with friends and family IRL.  That of course is different for different people and different situations.  That, of course, is based on my "moral" compass. 

I tend to agree with that, RWHN.  Again, I've seen it in all spectrums.

I err greatly unfortunately on the wrong side of things...tend to neglect loved ones in my little escape.  Not good. 

so, I'm no moral majority here, at all.


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