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me is a part of some sort of us

when you are talking to me, im known as you - a component of you (plural)

when you talk about me, im known as him - a component of them

when you and me align and move in the same direction, we are a part of we - you can refer to it as us

you wanna get rid of him
you gotta be ready to deal with them

and if you wanna go against me
you go against us

we dont stop
we dont go away
we lay low for a little while
but we always come back

we take many forms

We need us a schizm

between the seperatists

and the together-when-it-suits-us-ists.

There is only me
I will never be certain there is a you(plural) at all, but I have to take your word for it because you dont seem to be vanishing and my senses are all I have. for this reason there will never be a true we for me, but I can pretend, go along with it, and try enjoy myself

You're right-  It takes some imagination to make 'we' exist.

That said, perhaps I could interest you in a barstool?

edit, I have not been around much what with work and fiddling with my forum so I might have missed a bit.


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