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What is your Dream?

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We spend a lot of time here in the BIP section analyzing, dissecting, constructing, deconstructing, etc., etc.

Here's where we can share.

I've often thought about, and have written about, how society tends to teach and guide us along to achieve The Dream, The American Dream if you live in the states.  The perfect scenario where you have the house, the family, the job with the promotion, the cars, the house in Florida to retire to, etc., etc.

Now, I would assume that a majority of us, if not all of us, have "dreams" that are quite unlike the fairy tale ones contrived by "those-in-the-know". 

What is your dream? 

I'll admit I share a couple of The American Dream ideals.  Namely, the house and the family, but on a very basic level.  Where I would differ is in how I raise my children.  I want to raise my children, not to be mindless, financially successful patriots.  Instead, I would hope to be able to raise them in a way where they can guard their creativity, their imagination, their zeal for exploration, and the ability to visualize their own conceptions of their dreams. 

I hope to be able to always exchange ideas, philosophies, and more with people willing to entertain "silly" notions and "psychotic" possibilities. 

I hope to be able to, with my family, survive any turmoils that are in our future.  As the world becomes increasingly hostile with each other, and as the Earth, seemingly, becomes more hostile with its inhabitants.  To continue to be armed with ourselves and each other.  To be able to exist as ourselves, as much as possible living within the confines of our Prison and The Machine. 

And to know, at the end, if afforded the luxury and time of hindsight, that I gave it my best shot. 

My dream is to spawn a new race of super-genius robots that will spread across the stars and elevate mankind to the next level on a wave of neophiliac expansionism.

Zombies mainly. They've usually cornered a bunch of unfeasably good looking nymphomaniacs in a building somewhere and I've got a chainsaw and pocketful of viagra.

I wanted to replace god from age six, gave up on that at twelve.
I used to be pretty happy when I was with my girlfriend and my dream was to be able to take care of her and others. she dumped me nearly a year ago and I guess I have had no ambition since then, might aim for world domination and settle along the way, but my hearts not in it any more.

Thurnez Isa:
but they already got my dreams... so id say live with my gf and compose and record music...
gotta have a dreams
take a man's dreams and you control him for life


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