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Ok-- listen up, people.

I have an easy recording setup at my house.  I am volunteering to record anyone's rants, which will then be POEE-casted.

Further, if anyone has video skillz, they should take the audio track and create some sort of visual accompaniment.

I am asking all ranters to volunteer their work for recording.  I will strive to record them (within reason) in accordence to whatever presentation instructions the original author's wish, with the caveat that if I think I have a better idea, I'll go with that, instead.

So, who wishes to hear me read their rants?

you have my blessings, is your artistic license current?  j/k

Heh.  Probably not.

What would you like me to record?

Not just rants. If enough of us have access to video cameras we could do the '5 bip members in the same room' scenario using edited pd threads.

If you can get 5 people to record the individual parts I can make it look like they're all in the same place.

Baby steps.  Let's see if we can get through this, at least.  Then we can start expanding.


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