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LMNO, LHX, RWHN?  Care to comment?

Alright, I'm going to approach this from an organizational perspective and leave the philosophy to LMNO and LHX as they are much more adept at describing those things than I am.

The Black Iron Prison was/is an effort to revisit Discordia in written form.  The general consensus, if it can be called that, was that while the original Principia Discordia holds important messages and philosophies, we wondered if some of the humor and language might be dated and lost on a younger generation of Discordians.  Also, we are all egotistical blowhards who like to see our thoughts in print.   :-D

So, we discussed ideas, memes, philosophies, etc., then we all started writing.  The first result was The Black Iron Prison: Discordia Revisited.  Click here to download it and read it if you haven't already.  Plans were made while this first pamphlet was being put together to produce more pamphlets, we even had titles like "Lollercaust" which would have been a more "humorous" effort with more modern humor infused into the writings.  Of course, we all have lives, jobs, etc. so things did stall a bit.  And then came the crash... during the downtime a new message board was created where we could continue to discuss more ideas, philosophies, memes, definitions, deconstructions, so on and so forth.  When came back up for good, and was under new management, the effort was moved back here.  (of course the Black Iron Prison Forum crash kind of turned that into a necessity).

And so that is where we are today.  That is the logistics of it.  Again, LMNO and LHX can fill in the philosophical details and other things I'm sure I missed.  Hope this is of some benefit.  I encourage n00bs, lurkers, etc. to download the pamphlet and read it.  Share it with their friends and family.  And then, join the fray!

This is a tough thing to summarize in clear simple terms, but lemme give it a shot.

See if I can shoot some darts here - feel free to edit/refine/critic:

There seems to be a few things that we do here:

- the map is not the territory, but we seek to compile the most effective map to use to navigate the territory

- we investigate obstacles to see whether they are real or illusions

- we investigate the limitations of working as individuals and working as a group

- there seems to be a relationship between freedom and responsibility, so we work to determine what nature of responsibilities a person could possibly have in this context

- we seem to have become comfortable with an approach at discussing new issues that seems to combine Occam's Razor and Maybe Logic
- this approach seems to be effective at getting to the core of any new issues that come up

- we dont claim to 'know' anything 'special', but rather we just seem to have developed a real effective system of deconstructing complex things so that they can be made useful

- the real tie that seems to bind people together here is a burning desire to cut thru the bullshit wherever it may appear
like a anti-bullshit task force

we understand the danger of making claims, so we dont make any of them

other trends:
- occult knowledge
- producing materials loosely related to 'Discordianism'

the closest we come to making a claim is saying that we believe people should have the opportunity to think freely, and we try to encourage and provide tools for people to do that

im gonna post this and then re-read it later to see how much of it is bullshit

I thnk of this sub forum as the place where New Ideas go.  It's not talking about the PD, it's not just nonsequitor babble, it's not dinner recipies, it's not literature, and it's not rants.

It's also looking like this is where plans for dissemination are born.  Pamphlets, podcasts, video, etc.

we lurve new ideas

LHX - is oddly aroused


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