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What is this section about (n00bs read this!)

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LMNO makes a good point.  A n00b might ask "what's the difference between the Principia Discordia subforum and The Black Iron Prison Subforum.  I would think the former is to discuss the former literature and the latter the new ideas that we are coming up with.  Of course, it seems that this group is more interested in discussing new ideas than rehashing ideas from the PD.  But, delving into those discussions from time to time are good for not only orientating the new person, but keeping the rest of us grounded as well. 

it might be helpful to be able to define what exactly it was in the PD that provided the background for all this

because this seems to be a logical progression of that

principles in practice

applied lessons

what does Sepia's sig say?
Post-Modern Anarchism?

being subversive without the whining and crying

I dunno... I guess it was an actualization of the Law of Fives, Starbucks pebbles, and the An/Eristic Illusions, really.

That seems to be the  most important things in the PD, and they're all related to the habit humans have of eating the menu.

Personal Observation - I read PD just before I joined here. Later the same day I read BIP. Loved them both but the contrast was glaringly obvious: PD was upbeat, laughing at the absurdity of it all, BIP was downbeat and sounded sorta angry and bummed by the whole deal. Neither were news to me personally but I gotta admit I prefer to laugh when I'm reading something, even if the topic IS deadly serious, which I happen to think it was in both publications.

I don't know if finding a balance is the right way to approach this or even if that's possible. Suggest alternating releases between 1 totally sinister, angst ridden one (because I know not everyone likes to laugh at everything) and a funny upbeat release (because a lot of people do)

Yeah.  We really should get Lollercaust off the ground.


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