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Operation Scary Presenter


Cross posted in case anyone is interested in participating.

Upload yuor clip to megaupload and link me. The beauty is it takes absolutely no time at all to create this effect. Suggest anyone with a camcorder do a piece to camera of a rant, try to keep your head as still as possible and I can make you look creepy as fuck with very little effort (very little effort FTW)

The Littlest Ubermensch:
How does one do that? It's pretty freakin cool.

(though that video will probably haunt my dreams forever)

1) Record a clip of your face, saying stuff. Keep your head as still as possible.

2) Using a video fx package (I use adobe after effects) Place 3 copies in the timeline.

3) on one copy draw a rough mask round the eyes

4) on the other copy draw a rough mask round the mouth

5) Turn the eyes and mouth clips upside down

6) stretch the mouth a bit sideways

7) Export to movie

8 ) Upload to youtube

Whole process takes about 15 mins (excluding recording your face)


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