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Liber Null point six - The formula of the Psilophant

An opportunity arises upon ones introduction to the psychedelic experience. This opportunity, if seized upon, will grant the traveller access to a whole different existence paradigm, a reality beyond reality. What the Navigator might call teh Veil of the Temple (yes it's the same gate although they wouldn't like to admit it), any time one concentrates. What's more that access is unconditional, the door can only be closed from the outside. Of course the average tripper doesn't know what the fuck to make of what he saw behind there, all just another in a long line of freaky chemical induced experiences one chalks under the heading 'Friday night'. But now and again the odd 'Pariah' will realise he saw something in there.

This cunt will charge straight back in screaming "What did I fucking see" and a big voice from inside will say "ITS A TREE", in huge capital letters the size of buildings, "DONT EAT TEH APPLE" and one will be left standing there thinking "Holy screaming fuck I thot this was some kind of pisstake!" And a woman in a big fancy gossamer dress will say "Sokay, there there. Here, have an apple" And ... "CRUNCH!" So the traveller will explore the tree backward, the experience precluding the intellectual understanding both of which being traditionally approached vice versa.

Prolly just as many years as the qualified people later, albeit by a much more strangled and oftentimes bizarre route, the voyager will arrive at such a place as he realises he has been before and that's it. Circle navigated, paths studied and traversed. Journeys end, right back where one started.

One can if one wishes burgle SSOOKN head quarters, come on kiddies Uncle Alkaloid will show ya the hole in the fence!

As many 'ones' crowbarred in there as I could to make it sound all Crowley and official - like

K can someone vehemently denounce this as vile heresy or pick it apart with righteous indignance pls. :troll:

Through an interesting folding of time and space, commentary upon the above will be provided by SSOOKN adept William Shakespeare:

"A poor player   
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage,   
And then is heard no more; it is a tale   
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, 
Signifying nothing."
-Macbeth, Act V, Scene V

(Please note the act and scene for extra special OMGWTFBBQ Discordian sigificance.)

As official SSOOKN pariah I demand much more vehement hatred pls. You didn't even as much as call my parentage into question. What kind of half arsed organisation is this that I've been exiled from? Gimme a death threat at least.  :sad:

YUO do not get to make demands, worm.


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