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Universal Ministries: Part 1

Started by SMFabal, December 17, 2003, 01:38:35 PM

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Well, as a registered Minister at UM, I can massmail all other UM Ministers through the UM Yahoo Group. This is my first post there.

QuoteLet me start off by saying I'm not Christian. I don't believe the
blood of Jesus will wash my sins clean, or that I can eat him every
Sunday (sounds kind silly when it's put that way, doesn't it? Well,
every religious practice looks silly from the outside ... yet I
digress, and I haven't even really gotten started yet). I don't even
know for sure if he really existed, or if he was just another
amagamation of oral legend. BUT, and this is a very important but,
BUT, he (or they) had some very brilliant ideas.

Forgive people's mistakes.
Don't judge someone by their past.
Offer strangers help but don't force it on them.

But it seems that Christians (here I speak of the majority, not any
one person in particular) lost that message somewhere around 275 CE.
That's when a group of rich priests got together and said "Lets get
our story strait and force it down the throat of every single person
in the world". As a result, many brilliant ideals were crushed out of
the historical records, and a Dark Age decended over Europe. This
might have been a bad thing. On the other hand, if this Dark Age had
not fallen, the European Caste system might not have crumbled, then
where would we be?

The problem I see with modern Christianity is that it is still based
in the needs and ideals of an Old European Caste System, which, as
previously stated, has collapsed. The reason, Ladys and Gentlemen,
that so many people are leaving Christianity is not that they are
being seduced by dark forces, but that Christianity DOES NOT WORK FOR
THEM! If annother choice wasn't there, they simply become Atheist, or
simply Anti-Christian.

If the six hour sermons and socializing does not bring a person
closer to God, WHY DO IT? Is not the importance of religion growing
closer to God? If it is easier to do so in a forrest than in a 500
year old building, why try to take that away? Remember: There are
many paths up the mountain, but there is only one peak.

Offer the Bible.
But don't think that it holds all the answers.
Only God herself can do that.

S M Fabal,
High Pope of the Church of Cabal Kallisti,
Keeper of the Sacred Chao,
Patron Saint of Perversion,
Fithy Pagan and Godless Heathen
SMFabal, High Pope of CoCK, PSP, CW, KSC, FP, GH, MORBJ

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A: A blue fish Tuesday!
Q: No really, it this, like, deeply philosphical, or just a huge joke?
A: Yes.


well said
I like that mountain and the point comment
Coito ergo sum
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