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Brother Mythos:
'SCHOOL' misspelled as 'SHCOOL' on Massachusetts road

As per the article:

""Officials in a Massachusetts town said "SCHOOL" was supposed to have been painted on the road outside a middle school, but the word was accidentally misspelled as "SHCOOL."

The Town of Holden said the word, a warning about the reduced speed limit outside Mountview Middle School, was painted about two weeks ago and contractors have been unable to correct it due to the recent weather conditions."

Now, if this had happened in Floriduh, I wouldn't have been at all surprised. But, somehow, I expected more from Massachusetts. For one thing, after having to learn how to spell the name of your own state, learning how to spell the word 'school' really shouldn't have been all that difficult. I hope none of the people who did this have side hustles as tattoo artists. 

Here's the link:

Brother Mythos:
"Central Florida is a hot spot for leprosy, report says"

As per the article:

"According a research letter published by Nathoo and his colleagues in the journal Emerging Infectious Diseases, Central Florida has reported among the highest rates of leprosy in the United States.
In 2020, 159 cases were reported nationwide, compared with 200,000 new cases each year around the world, according to the World Health Organization. The new letter says Central Florida accounted for 81% of cases in Florida and nearly 1 out of 5 leprosy cases nationwide.

Also known as Hansen’s disease, leprosy is caused by the bacteria Mycobacterium leprae, which attacks nerves under the skin. Scientists aren’t completely sure of how it spreads, but most believe that it’s transmitted via droplets when an infected person coughs and sneezes. Its telltale symptoms include lesions and rashes that are numb or lack sensation because of the involvement of nerves.
Nine-banded armadillos in the Southeastern United States can also carry the bacteria, and gene studies have linked human infections to the leprosy strains carried by armadillos, although it’s not always clear how humans encounter armadillo-carried bacteria. Many patients can’t recall ever having contact with the animals."

So, there's yet one more reason to avoid Floriduh. Oh, and I'm steering clear of armadillos too.

Here's the link to the article:

Brother Mythos:
"Illinois fights gun lobby to ban marketing guns to little kids"

This article is an introduction to a video segment from Rachel Maddow's show on Monday night.

As per the article:

"Rachel Maddow takes a look at the "JR-15," a small, lightweight gun designed for use by small children, and company's effort to appeal to little kids with their marketing. Illinois is hoping to ban such marketing over the objections of gun lobbyists, Rachel Maddow reports."

Immediately after watching Rachel Maddow's show on Monday night, I went on the internet to find the website of Wee1 Tactical, the manufacturer of the JR-15. But, their website was down.

My search did, however, find the article on the Snopes website that completely confirmed Rachel Maddow's report.

Then, Tuesday evening, I attempted to again view the Wee1 Tactical website. This time around the website was up, and what I found is quite interesting. It now appears that Wee1 Tactical has revised their marketing strategy, as the "skull and crossbones-style logos, with what appeared to be a little boy skull wearing a mohawk and with an eyepatch and green pacifier, and a little girl skull with pigtails, eyepatch, and pink pacifier" are completely gone. 

It's amazing what Rachel Maddow's national exposure of this excrement accomplished.

Here's the link to the Maddow article and video clip:

Here's the link to the Snopes article:

And, here's the link to the sanitized Wee1 Tactical website:

Brother Mythos:
"Man gets DUI for allegedly riding horse while drunk with open container of alcohol"

As per the article:

"The rules of the road apply to those operating animals on the highway."

As per further in the article:

"In what officials called a “display of true compassion,” Officer Brackett subsequently ensured the safe return of the horse to its origin after the arrest of the horseback rider."

So, in this case, the horse he rode in on was not insulted, not arrested, did not have to post bail, and did not have to obtain a court-appointed defense attorney.

Here's the link:

Brother Mythos:
"A Ukrainian Officer’s Captured Russian Tank Wasn’t Working. So He Called Tech Support—In Russia."

As per the article:

"The T-72B3, a product of Uralvagonzavod in Nizhny Tagil, is one of Russia’s newer tanks. And unlike, say, the T-64BV, the T-80U or the T-72AMT, Ukrainian industry doesn’t have much experience with the type.

So when a Ukrainian tanker with the callsign “Kochevnik” ran into problems with his captured Russian T-72B3—problems local expertise couldn’t immediately solve—he called Uralvagonzavod tech support. And incredibly, the help line actually helped.

Militarnyi captured Kochevnik’s calls on video."

I doubt the Russian tank's warranty is transferable to its new owner, but I'm certain Ukrainian tanker "Kochevnik" has chutzpah.

Here's the link:


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