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Started by Thurnez Isa, December 29, 2006, 04:11:55 PM

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Brother Mythos

Meteorite hit Mercer County home, The College of New Jersey confirms | See new photos

As per the article, "We are excited to be able to confirm that the object is a true chondrite meteorite," said the chair of TCNJ's physics department.

Further, "*Additional measurements could establish mineral composition more precisely, and confirm or perhaps change the preliminary LL chondrite classification

*Advanced isotopic analysis could be done elsewhere to establish more precise ages of the mineral components and perhaps provide more information on the trajectory and timeline of travel from the asteroid belt toward Earth"

This article makes no mention of spaghetti DNA having been found on this rare specimen. But, as  noted above, additional measurements and analysis may yet be performed.

Here's the link:

Jorge Dorn

I would love to visit Göbekli Tepe.  The mere existence of the place throws the current view of ancient anthropology into, Discord.   :evil:
Do what thou Wilt.  Just don't Be a Dick about it.  Unless you have too.  Because, you know, you'll get that sometimes.

Brother Mythos

"Wienermobile Name Change Not Cutting The Mustard With Twitter Users"

I wonder what our Goddess Eris has to say, and do, about this. As, according to the The Myth of the Apple of Discord, chronicled for posterity in the Principia Discordia, she ate neither a wiener, nor a frank. Instead, she did "...joyously partake of a hot dog."

Anyway, as per the article:

"People have a beef with Oscar Meyer for ditching the name of the iconic hot-dog-shaped vehicle after 87 years."

Further, "Locals in Madison, Wisconsin ― where Oscar Meyer is headquartered ― were willing to keep an open mind about the Frankmobile.

Many people on Twitter, however, found the news hard to swallow and dished out a grilling for the meat maker."

And, many of the Twitter postings are hilarious.

Here's the link:

Jorge Dorn

Do what thou Wilt.  Just don't Be a Dick about it.  Unless you have too.  Because, you know, you'll get that sometimes.

Doktor Howl

Molon Lube

Anna Mae Bollocks

Scantily-Clad Inspector of Gigantic and Unnecessary Cashews, Texas Division

Brother Mythos

Quote from: Jorge Dorn on May 19, 2023, 12:23:50 AM
Cool shit brewing in Outer Space:

According to your Forum Profile, you joined nearly two years ago, but have posted sparingly. So, you may want to consider formally introducing yourself to the forum in the "Introductions" topic. However,  don't expected a warm, friendly reception, and you won't be disappointed. But, you never know, it could happen!

Anyway, I was a bit put off by the start of your video, as it appeared it was going to tout a conspiracy theory. But, after the opening, it turned out to be quite informative.

For instance, years ago a friend told me about the proposed Tungsten Rod Space Weapon. But, I have never heard it called "The Rods from God."

Doktor Howl

Quote from: Brother Mythos on May 20, 2023, 09:34:44 AM

According to your Forum Profile, you joined nearly two years ago, but have posted sparingly. So, you may want to consider formally introducing yourself to the forum in the "Introductions" topic. However,  don't expected a warm, friendly reception, and you won't be disappointed. But, you never know, it could happen!

Molon Lube

Brother Mythos

"Miami-Dade K-8 bars elementary students from 4 library titles following parent complaint"

One misguided person can do a lot of damage.

As per the article:

"In March, Daily Salinas, a parent of two students at at Bob Graham Education Center in Miami Lakes, challenged ... the poem The Hills We Climb, which was recited by poet Amanda Gorman at the inauguration of President Joe Biden, and Love to Langston for what she said included references of critical race theory, "indirect hate messages," gender ideology and indoctrination, according to records obtained by the Florida Freedom to Read Project and shared with the Miami Herald."

Here's the link:

Brother Mythos

"A Utah school district has removed the Bible from some schools' shelves"

As per the article:

"Frustrated with book challenges and bans in their school district, a parent in Utah decided to submit a complaint of their own — about the Bible.

The Davis School District took the parent's objection seriously, placing the Bible under review. This week, the district officially decided to remove the religious text from elementary and middle school libraries for containing "vulgarity or violence." The ban will take effect immediately, with Bibles being removed from classrooms even as they close down for the summer."

No doubt the school district will react in the same way if a parent objects to a copy of the Principia Discordia in one of the district's libraries.

Here's the link:

Brother Mythos

"Judge orders former Oath Keepers, Latinos for Trump attorney restored to competency before trial" Updated 16-Jun-23

As per the updated article:

"Last week, both SoRelle's attorney Horatio Aldredge and a Justice Department attorney informed U.S. District Judge Amit P. Mehta that separate evaluators hired by both parties had come to the conclusion SoRelle was not competent to stand trial. A report documenting the government's evaluator's findings was submitted to the court under seal this week. The specific nature of the findings was not disclosed.

On Friday, Mehta said he would accept the results from the evaluators and order SoRelle restored to competency. Both Aldredge and Assistant U.S. Attorney Kathryn Rakoczy agreed their reading of the federal statute governing competency to stand trial — 18 U.S. Code § 4241 — required SoRelle's treatment to occur in an in-patient setting."

Here's the link to the updated article:

The upcoming trial of Attorney Kellye SoRelle is taking some strange twists and turns. This is the first time I've ever heard of an IRL attorney being evaluated as "not competent to stand trial." When her trial is finally over, I suspect at least one documentary/TV miniseries/movie will be made about Attorney SoRelle's involvement with the Oath Keepers.

Also, for reference, here's the link to the original article, prior to the above listed update:

Brother Mythos

"Stew Peters Conspiracy: Titanic Was Sunk By Federal Reserve"

As per the article:

"Christian nationalist Stew Peters proposed a new conspiracy theory about the sinking of the Titanic, claiming that OceanGate's submersible, Titan, was sunk to protect that forbidden knowledge.

Peters posited that the Titanic was not sunk by an iceberg, but by the Rothschilds-connected Federal Reserve."

However, this article makes no mention of any involvement by The Ancient Illuminated Seers of Bavaria.

Here's the link:


Missed this at the time, but I did a bit of poking around because they are now saying that there's a chance Truss could be brought in to replace Sunak.

Quote"Speaking to BBC Radio 4's Today programme, Ms Ward, who sits on the Chancellor's economy advisory council, said the Bank of England has to interrupt this spiral.

"They have to create uncertainty and frailty, because it's only when companies feel nervous about the future that they will think 'Well, maybe I won't put through that price rise', or workers, when they're a little bit less confident about their job, think 'Oh, I won't push my boss for that higher pay'.

If you need a recession, putting Truss back in charge is probably one way to get one.
I had an existential crisis and all I got was this stupid gender.

Brother Mythos

"The End of the World, Brought to You By Cthulhu Consumer Products"

I can totally relate to this situation on a current remodeling project.

As per the article:

"All I needed was a replacement detergent drawer for our washing machine.  And somehow I ended up at the Mountains of Madness with H.P. Lovecraft as my customer service rep."

Further along in the article:

"That night a piece of email came in from Manila. Why Manila, I have no idea.  According to the email, no warranty repair would be made. We would reach an "alternate solution" — involving replacement. Call this number with your work order ID.
So I called the number; maybe they'd found a tray.  But no.

The "alternate solution" was to give me a completely new washing machine — same model."

Now, in my case, Mrs. Mythos is in the process of ordering items for remodeling a bathroom. To date, she's ordered a toilet, a corner shower, a vanity, and a vanity top/sink. That's a total of four (4) items, all from the same big-box retail store.

So, the first toilet arrived badly broken. That's delivery No. 1, by trucking company A. (Company A's has two warehouses about 65 miles away.)

This first toilet was returned. That's return pickup No. 1 by trucking company B. (Company B has one warehouse about 10 miles away.)

The second toilet also arrived badly broken. That's delivery No. 2, by trucking company A.

The second toilet was returned. That's return pickup No. 2, by trucking company B.
At this point, after hours on the phone with customer service, Mrs. Mythos canceled the purchase of the toilet. As the packaging for shipment by the manufacturer is unbelievably inadequate, we doubt that 50% of these units arrive anywhere undamaged. We will, instead, purchase a similar item elsewhere.

The vanity arrived in good condition. The vanity top/sink had also been received by trucking company B, placed on the bill of lading, but had not been loaded onto the truck. The delivery crew verified this by phoning back to their dispatcher. That's delivery No. 3, by trucking company B.

The vanity top/sink arrived a couple of days later, thankfully in good condition. That's delivery No. 4, by trucking company B.

The shower assembly is shipped in three boxes. Box #1 contains the curved glass doors, Box #2 contains the base, and Box #3 contains the walls. We received only Box #2, and Box #3. The delivery crew called back to their dispatcher, and was told Box #1 had been sent to their other warehouse. That's delivery No. 5, by trucking company A.

After over a week, many phone calls, and many hours on the phone with customer service, we gave up on simply receiving missing Box #1. We were given a hefty price reduction, along with free shipping, and agreed to send back Box #2, and Box #3, in exchange for a new complete shipment. And so, a few days later, we received Box #1, and a new Box #2. But, this time Box #3 was missing. The delivery crew called back to their dispatcher, and was told that this time Box #3 had been sent to their other warehouse. The boss of the three man crew suggested we just keep the Box #3 we already had, and not waste any more of our time. We had already been thinking the same thing, and readily agreed. That's delivery No. 6, by trucking company A.

Within a couple of hours, the guys from trucking company B arrived to pickup the originally delivered shower components. I had already placed only old Box #2 on the front porch. And, when I read the return order I was requested to sign, it was only for old Box #2. That is, old Box #3 was not listed. Now, a strange exchange like this had never been agreed upon with the big-box retail store's customer service department. But, we've finally received three (3) of the items we purchased, the trucking companies are satisfied, and we have no idea how the big-box retailer manages to stay in business. And so, that's the story of return pickup No. 4, by trucking company B. (We're now on a first name basis with the guys from this local company.)

In summary, what could have simply been four (4) items purchased and received in good condition in three (3) shipments, turned into only three (3) items actually purchased, two (2) items returned beyond repair, six (6) delivery shipments, four (4) return shipments, and a hefty loss in revenue for the big-box retail store.

Anyway, here's the link to the article:

Brother Mythos

"The Cannabis Industry Wants To Turn July 10 Into A 'Hashish Holiday'"

As per the article:

"Marijuana fans will be celebrating "710" on Monday, with dispensaries encouraging people to get high via cannabis wax, vaping, resins and dabs.

Now that recreational pot has been legalized in 23 states, the cannabis industry is borrowing a marketing trick from the booze industry: "hangover holidays."
Or, in this case, "hashish holidays."

Most people are aware that marijuana buffs celebrate each April 20, or "420." And the day before Thanksgiving ― aka "Weed Wednesday" ― is reportedly a big sales opportunity for dispensaries.

But Monday, July 10, marks another, lesser-known "holidank" for cannabis consumers: "710," when enthusiasts are encouraged to get high via cannabis wax, vaping, resins or dabs.

The name of the holiday might seem obscure, but Lauren Fontein —a co-founder of The Artist Tree, a California-based chain of cannabis retail stores with an arts focus — spelled it out clearly.

"In cannabis culture, the number 710 is an inside joke for 'OIL' by inverting the letters and turning them upside down," she told HuffPost by email.

As might be expected, the origins of the day and the term are as foggy as the brain of a cannabis user after puffing on five vape pens at once."

Far out, man! Party on!

Here's the link: