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SC is transmitting from the same broadcast system i am

--- Quote from: SillyCybin on March 05, 2007, 09:47:21 pm ---Use anything I've written, in whole or in part, in or out of context. Credit me if you like. Claim it was you who said it if that's what floats your boat.

[LHX: Open source intellect]

--- End quote ---

tyrannosaurus vex:
all my written shite may be used for any reason whatsoever with absolutely no strings attached.

- no using my work to purposely or accidentally demonstrate what a moron i am
- no using my work without thinking it through. srsly. ive done it and it isn't pretty.
- if using my work in some way contributes to the downfall of western society, you have to give me credit. otherwise plagiarize all you want.

All of my writings are Open Source, unless otherwise stated.  Add, subtract, edit, steal, credit, no credit, I don't care. 

However, my musics are mine, so please give me credit when stealing.


You can use my stuff.
I especially encourage you to use any of my wonderfully crafted puns. 
But, if you can't stomach it, just stick to the rants and what not.  yeah what not.

As far as credit, if you are going to credit me I prefer my full name and not the initials.  I'm pretentious like that. 

Otherwise, have at it. 

Should anyone give a damn about my writings, they can use them. Would like them identified as 'SSOOKN Products' though.

If I ever write anything that I would consider publishing for money (ha!), then I'll just do that and not post it on the internet first.


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