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This sounds like justification of Unlawful Means, but it's NOT. It's key to understand that Right Winger cult leaders fully understand this concept. It's why they go out of their way to ensure that Lawful Means aren't possible - Unlawful Means often destroy any political momentum the oppressed had, and (In the Public's eye) justifies further brutalization by the Authorities.

This is different from most of the Liberal Elite (Think Shark Tank types like Mark/Lori.), who oppress the effected merely by passive benefit from the theft of their Labor, and refusal to lobby to replace the conditions that create their suffering (Which they could easily do without breaking the bank, in most cases.). They are the target of the Right Wing's attempt at stoking the fire. The Liberal Elites have the ability to lobby and fund real change from the bottom up, but they refuse for fear of enabling "militant radicals". So they stay in the middle.



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This comment aged well...... is obvious to say that in these past months she is fair game  8)

Brother Mythos:

chaotic neutral observer:

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Oh, hi.  I remember you.  Still into the fluff science reporting scene?


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