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Re: Life of Nobody
« Reply #600 on: April 03, 2019, 11:23:45 pm »
Amercuh, fuk ye.

Really though, I stopped watching and reading news from America a long time ago, it's typically hyper-oppinionated, politically charged bullshit. I found my life got much easier to deal with if I'd just wait for BBC to post an article on something. I know they're not perfect, and yes, they do have opinion peaces, but I swear to god Fox news is designed to fill people with a desire to murder, and the other sources aren't much better. CNN has been lying to us this whole time, so SURE Trump was gonna get his come-uppin's... except he's not. The best that can be hoped from all of this is Paul Manafort spends an appropriate amount of time rotting in prison for being a shit-lord, after the state of New York gets a hold of his sweet, virgin white-ass.