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23 enigma solved.

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Because it's written as the Law of Fives, not the Law of anything you pay extra attention to.

Hey!  Check it out!  We're talking about both the Principia and Illuminatus!  Someone alert that dude that is disappointed!

semantics aside, Bravo Prof.

If you stick around, I sense the two of us will experience a nominal confusion.  :mrgreen:

Bebek Sincap Ratatosk:

--- Quote from: LMNO on December 28, 2007, 03:45:28 pm ---Of course it was intentional.  There's that "unwritten" part of the law that was explained in Illuminatus!.

--- Quote from: RAW the Hack ---But you have to understand it more deeply now, Joe. Correctly formulated, the Law is: All phenomena are directly or indirectly related to the number five, and this relationship can always be demonstrated, given enough ingenuity on the part of the demonstrator." The evil grin flashed. "That's the very model of what a true scientific law must always be: a statement about how the human mind relates to the cosmos. We can never make a statement about the cosmos itself— but only about how our senses (or our instruments) detect it, and about how our codes and languages symbolize it."
--- End quote ---

The OP said that the 23 enigma was merely the ability of the human mind to find patterns.  That isn't really an enigma, as the Law of Fives clearly states just that. 

--- End quote ---

Right... well almost.

There is an enigma. The enigma is pervasive, all-encompassing and immutable. The 23 Enigma is simply a documented, observed and memetic example of the enigma itself. We could call it the Thinker/Prover Enigma or  the Cosmic Schmuck Enigma... but neither of those so clearly demonstrate the point as a well crafted 23 Enigma CoN.

It's more than "the ability" to find patterns. Starbucks Myth and the Law of Fives gives us that... the 23 Enigma, is a darker truth. We are, mosbunall of us, more easily CoN'd than we want to believe.  Our brains actively trick us, even if we aren't actively trying to play games (such as with the Law of Fives). The 23 enigma is the Manifestation of a Most Infernal Chorus of Demons, one that plagues Scientists, Rationalists, Fundamentalists, Philosophers and Every Sort of Man/Woman/Kai (*sniffle* I miss Kai).

The Demon Assumael, The Demon Patternael , The Demon Beliefael and their ArchDemon Lord Perceptael. They are the cause of the 23 enigma. They are the enemy of humans everywhere and the True Gods of "Believers".

In some sense....

Heh.  Ok, I can get behind that.  I'm in a bit of a Crowlean mood today, anyway.

Bebek Sincap Ratatosk:

--- Quote from: LMNO on December 28, 2007, 04:38:40 pm ---Heh.  Ok, I can get behind that.  I'm in a bit of a Crowlean mood today, anyway.

--- End quote ---

LOL, I just finished ""The Key To Solomon's Key" and have been playing with that Solomonic Magic for the past couple weeks... it can be a great way to model stuff, in some sense.


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