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Let Other People Think for You

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Deepthroat Chopra:

--- Quote from: keeper entropic on January 08, 2008, 03:09:04 am ---
--- Quote from: Deepthroat Chopra on January 08, 2008, 01:58:25 am ---Darth's right, you know!

--- End quote ---

Poster necromancy!
What are you doing here alive?

--- End quote ---

I've said too much already!

No joke, my house took a direct hit by lightning a few months back, removing the entire 21st Century, and a lot of the 20th, from it. I was on my deck at the time, and hit the ground like a bag of shite, even though I scoff at the risk of terrorist attack in rural Australia.

This actually made my household like a lot of the other ones in my part of Northern NSW, and for a while I enjoyed being a neo-Luddite. I started another band, wrote a bunch of crap (on paper!), started growing vegetables, and took up amateur ornithology.

But I've just gotten bored with it all, and, luckily, my insurance cheque just came yesterday, so I'll be in the web again.

Also, they got this weird filter thing at my workplace. A colleague of mine is a breast cancer educator, and she gets strange questions from IT whenever she does research. For the same reasons, trying to read most threads on PD from work is impossible.

Sorry Keeper, but you asked.


Also, I'm not sure if I want to try letting other people think for me.  What do you suggest, LHX?

Triple Zero:

--- Quote from: Darth Cupcake on January 07, 2008, 10:23:53 pm ---Poorly. Very poorly.

--- End quote ---


LHX this is all your fault!

i should have never listened to you  :sad:

Darth Cupcake:
He never said it would go better!

Just that it's easier.

And that's true.

Easier =/= better.

Triple Zero:
nuh-uh, he clearly said i could play the victim role if things went wrong.

no backing up now.

but on the other hand, if you say so, i'll let you do my thinking for me. you can't refuse. just know that i'll play the victim role again at the blink of an eye whenever things even remotely seem to hint at starting to commence going wrong.


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