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contrast between BIP and PD ....

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k i'll be the first to admit it, but im a n00b.
the thing thats getting to me though is this.....

the PD was frikken awsome..(if a little "sugarcoated") as noted in the BIP...... but  personally i think that that the BIP has taken it a little to close to the literal..... what happend to the middle ground?

am i the only knob that feels this way? or does some1 agree???

hopee i posted this in the right section....


The whole thing is a metaphor, and as far as I know, we try to remind ourselves of that every chance you get.

Also, the BIP isn't really supposed to replace the PD, it's supposed to underline the bits of the PD that we consider still useful 40-50 years later, and come at it in a new way.

i meant the BIP was more literal (than the PD).....

but yeah, i see what you're gettin at :D
so its more of a companion guide.... not something in its own rite

I still don't get what you mean by "literal"...

Where do you think we are saying you "literally" live in a Black Iron Prison?

Not trying to be a jerk here, I'm actually curious.  If you think we're being literal, we might want to change some things.


i think what i meant was more "simple" than "literal", suppose one has to be specif in this regard hmmmmm.....

and i dint by anymeans thnk we literaly live in a black prison
just that the fluffed wording (sugar) from the PD was missing in the BIP

so by literal i meant direct....... i think :D


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