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contrast between BIP and PD ....

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ps: the link on your sig is dead  :mrgreen:

Yeah, I should really fix it.

I guess I'll link it to the BIP wiki.


--- Quote from: barumunk on January 10, 2008, 09:26:18 am ---k i'll be the first to admit it, but im a n00b.
the thing thats getting to me though is this.....

the PD was frikken awsome..(if a little "sugarcoated") as noted in the BIP...... but  personally i think that that the BIP has taken it a little to close to the literal..... what happend to the middle ground?

am i the only knob that feels this way? or does some1 agree???

hopee i posted this in the right section....

--- End quote ---

The BIP was always intended to be just one of many eventual products.  At the time of its production we also had a couple of other ideas knocking around.  One was Lollercaust which probably would have been a sort of "middle ground".  Some updated humor but not going quite as wacky as the PD did. And perhaps it is something that will still come to fruition some day.  Alas, Discordianism and producing Discordian literature doesn't pay the bills. 

Also, I think the BIP pamphlet was produced at a time where a lot of us were all feeling a same kind of vibe and energy.  It seemed like a lot of us were all really pissed off about similar things at the same time.  It was sort of a "lightning in a bottle" kind of thing.  It was really cool to see it come together the way it did. 

Though, if you do some digging in the Or Kill Me and Repository sections, you will see though it hasn't been collated into pamphlet form, there's been some good stuff produced lately.  Vex, particularly has been producing some fine materials. 

hmmm it makith cents..... well hope fully the "middleground" like the Lollercaust will come about someday....
i'll def check out the Or kill me sections etc... shot alot!!!!!

Two reasons Lollercaust never took off-
-nobody can agree on what exactly it is
-none of us are terribly funny when put on the spot...

I think you're right, the BIP could be a bit funnier. I tried when I re-edited it and added some images and crap to make it easier to read (see sig). And even a comic and a silly parable. But Lollercaust--

What do you think Lollercaust should be about?


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