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Your thoughts on the singularity?

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You know, I've been thinking about it and reading about it too.  Seems to me there's a strong possibility of some of the things, like cyberization and Moore's Law and AI.  But I really don't think it's in the cards as a digital rehash of the rapture.  Seems to me that's just escapism.

tyrannosaurus vex:
Singularity: See Machine, The

If I felt like reading more books, I wouldn't be asking you people.

Triple Zero:
well it'll happen, probably (but you can never be sure)

it'll probably be AI or at least something information-related (like the first USB-cortex plug)

and the biggest reason why i'm trying to stay healthy and fit is because i wanna be alive and there when it happens. even if it stings a little.

also, pretty much by definition, there's not much else you can say about it.

it's simply defined as "the moment when cultural/social/paradigmal changes happen at such a rate that it's impossible to predict what happens after this moment"

mind you that this does not mean this rate goes to infinity or anything, it just means that the prediction-span of humanity goes to zero: like, right now, we can pretty much say that life in half a year will most probably be pretty much like it is now. but after that there's probably enough disruptive technology (right now my guess is to Kindle, the ASUS EEE PC and of course some more ubiquitous Internet somewhere) happening and accepted that things are gonna be kinda different.

There's that.

Just to segway, what do you see in the Kindle that the PRS-500 from Sony can't do?  The thing's ugly in body and soul, since everything it's got is DRM'ed.  And most other e-Readers like the iRex iLiad are really sluggish compared to the Sony versions. 

Anyway, I'm really concerned with the question of: What contemporary issues are going to become moot due to AI and wild technological growth?


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