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Your thoughts on the singularity?

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Triple Zero:
1. it doesn't really matter which brand it's gonna be right? as long as there's this thing with a big screen that looks like it's made out of paper, and the ability to carry around a respectable personal library. well, at least it'll change my life, cause you won't find me behind this stupid computer so much anymore, i'll be sitting in the park reading the world :)

2. the answer to your question is, we can't really predict. like mr Taleb said in the Black Swan, if we knew what it would do, the technology would practically already nearly be there. seriously, that makes sense. let me suggest you keep your eyes open for new things that are happening NOW and current things that are having an effect on the immediate TOMORROW, instead of speculating about a future that's gonna be different than both your wildest dreams and your most boring conservative extrapolations, no matter what. not that it's not fun to muse over it, just that it's useless.

the only thing better than the singularity is two of them

Triple Zero:

--- Quote from: LHX on January 14, 2008, 03:08:37 pm ---the only thing better than the singularity is two of them

--- End quote ---



i giggled in my head

maybe its just because its early

I googled in my head.

And I didn't have the SafeSearch on.

Now, I'm a little scared. 


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