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Orange Fennel Shrimp

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This is a creation of Suu-Brother.......Unfortunately in order for me to try it I would need Benedryl, Aveeno Oatmeal bath, and a lot of water, so um...someone try and tell me how it is. Cause I love shrimp and this breaks my heart.

1lb 16-20 uncooked shrimp
1 whole Florida orange
1/4 cup honey
1 cup oj
1/4 oz fennel leaves
first reduce the oj about 3/4 ,zest your and your zest to the reduction.
Then you need to peel and slice that same orange and puree' it. Add in your fennel leaves and honey.
Then slow mix the reduction in the puree'. Peel shrimp and sauté's it for 45 seconds each side on high heat.
Place on a plate pure your sauce onto shrimp and enjoy

Triple Zero:

just one question if you say, reduce the oj about 3/4, does that mean there should be 3/4th left of it or 3/4th of it should be evaporated?

unfortunately, shrimp are a bit expensive here, especially the larger ones. but, maybe, if i ask the fish guy at the market reaaaaaly nicely that it's an important experiment for a shrimpically-challenged woman from america, he'll make me a good deal? :) :)

East Coast Hustle:
I gotta say, this sounds like too much orange flavor in one dish (juice, zest, AND a whole pureed orange!), but I like it conceptually. I'd probably use the fennel bulb instead of the leaves because the anise flavor of the bulb is alot milder, but that's strictly a matter of personal taste.

Sounds tasty, does he recomend serving with rice, or jsut by itself?

I'm not sure, he sent it to me through email and said, 'look what I just came up with today'. My guess it's a touristy treat for the dog track restaurant since he opted out of going to NOLA. He made me for my dad though, and the review was that it was good.

But I'm sure over white rice it would be tasty.

I'm tempted to get the necessary benedryl and try it for myself though. My reaction to shrimp is typically mild and just involves a scratchy throat if that.  If it was crab or lobster then I'd probably wanna pick up prednisone.


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