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East Coast Hustle:
OK, so here's what I whipped up for breakfast this morning. It's fucking WIN.

amounts to make TWO servings. If you're a loser who wakes up alone, cut amounts by half.

6 large eggs
1 large shallot
4oz. cold-smoked salmon, roughly chopped
2 large tbsp. bearnaise sauce (make your own if you can, if not try to find it in a jar instead of using powdered mix)
2 tbsp. flying fish roe
chopped parsley to garnish

remember to do this in two batches (or in two separate pans at the same time). you can put one on a plate in a warm oven while the other is cooking so they can both be served warm at the same time.

julienne the shallot and lightly caramelize it in a separate pan. whisk the eggs in a mixing bowl with a little salt & pepper and a splash of milk. add the shallots (make sure they've cooled to room temperature) and continue to whisk.

get a large skillet hot and put a little oil and butter in equal amounts in it.

add the roughly chopped cold-smoked salmon. as soon as it begins to turn opaque around the edges, pour in the egg mixture.

cook on one side until bubbling and slightly browning, then turn to finish. the idea is to treat it as a sort of pan fritatta.

transfer to plate and put one large tablespoon of bearnaise in the center of the fritatta. sprinkle the flying fish roe over the fritatta and garnish with chopped parsley. enjoy!

Mesozoic Mister Nigel:
Awww poor people who wake up alone! :(

Triple Zero:
this poor person that woke up alone made himself a spaghetti carbonara for breakfast. it was yummy and filling.

and the cold leftover bite provided me with the energy to do the dishes before i cooked my dinner. FINALLY the pile of dishes that had been getting larger and smaller, but never quite completely gone the past week, IS BEATEN! w0000h000

i think carbonara is my favourite food for the coming time, it's cheap, easy and quick to make and i love the idea of having raw eggs cooked only by the heat of the pasta and the sauce. i'll get back to you guys when i get ill from salmonella :-P

the way i made it today:

- start frying cubed bacon in a pan
- put water in the waterboiler (timing is important here)
- cut up a small onion and a couple of garlic cloves (3-4)
- put the spaghetti in a pan, add a bit of salt
- the bacon should be nearly done now, add the garlic and onion and bake it in the bacon fat
- the water should be boiling now, add it to the spaghetti, turn on the heat and make sure the spaghetti is boiling happily
- cut up some cheese into small chunks (i dont have a grater :-( ) and add it to the frying pan
- cut up a spring onion (this was today's variation)
- the cheese should be kind of melted now, add some milk or cream and start stirring, the cheese should dissolve
- finally, add the spring onions
- the spaghetti should be done .. just .. about .. now! (you can tell by tasting it, not throwing it against the wall or other such nonsense)
- now comes the time critical part: give the sauce a good final stir, pour the water off the spaghetti, and if you had like six arms you would now pour the sauce over the spaghetti and add two raw eggs at the same time, but instead you do it in very quick succession, then you stir everything through eachother until it looks gooey and creamy
- serve immediately

I tried looking for some shad roe earlier today, btw.  No luck, but it was a Sunday...I'll look again tomorrow.  I suspect though its easier to find on the other side of the Atlantic.

Shad roe is usually only available in the early spring.

And it's fucking awesome lightly dusted with flour and fried in bacon fat.


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