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Verbal Mike:
I'm gonna do a little something tonight which I've done before. Lacking a cabal (or private photographer), I won't have anything to show for it online, but this is a possible GASM that is extremely simple and rather amusing.

1 pair of sunglasses per person

Put sunglasses on. Wait for nightfall. Go out and just walk around in public places. If anyone looks at you funny, acknowledge by making a stupid and/or angry face back at them. If you are not alone, try playing hide-and-seek with your co-conspirators while doing this.

Also available as a flash-mob.

inb4  Corey Hart

in b4 corey feldman

Verbal Mike:
Mind translating that plz?

well um the first guy wrote that song about wearing sunglasses at night

and the second guy just wore sunglasses a lot.  and is also corey.

and don't forget to take pics


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