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over here I was ruminating on why people take down the various things I put up. Some people feel it's their responsibility to "clean up" and remove things which "don't belong". Commercial posters seem to stay up much longer. So here is my attempt to address this - I've create posters which look like the sort of things which don't get taken down.

Check it out:

Verbal Mike:
I LMAO'd. :mittens:

Mesozoic Mister Nigel:
 :mind ray:

These are great, and soon Portland will be sporting a few on telephone poles across the city.

Triple Zero:

Sir Squid Diddimus:
i laughed.
my old man went "hmmm?"
i said "nuthin"

it was great.
sorry. ive been drinking and i just finished a really cool henna lookin tattoo on my friend.
no pics yet cause i dont have the cord thing that goes to my phone.
way off topic.

good work Cram :)


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