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Sort of an improv ordeal, but well-recieved


Today was special, for a few reasons, so we decided to have something more upscale than usual.


1 lb. jumbo scallops
1 lb. jumbo prawns
ginger root
green onion
gemstone potatoes
shiitake mushrooms
1/4 C. pistachios
chicken fat
grapeseed oil
soy sauce

Fine as you can, slice 3 garlic cloves, an ounce or so of green onion, and 1 big shallot.  If they're thin enough so you can see the color of the cutting board through them, good enough.  Julienne 1 oz. of ginger.  Set all of that aside.  Half the gemstone potatoes and mix them in a bowl with oil and pepper.  Toss 'em in the oven, @ 360F or so, depending on your schedule.  Mince the pistachios into something like crumbly dust and set aside next to large chopped shiitake mushrooms.  Longer pieces are better looking, but it makes no difference really.  Chop up a few bigger pieces of ginger root, and fry them in a nonstick pan in oil.  You're going to get them brown, then mix the gingery oil with water in a bowl, where the scallops and prawns will sit for 30 minutes or so.  When the potatoes are nearly brown and crispy, saute the shiitake and pistachio in chicken fat if you have it, oil if you don't.  Try to get them at least partially browned, then set them aside and caramelize the prepped garlic, onion, shallot, and ginger in butter.  Add a dash of soy sauce.  When the garlic disappears after a while, and you were careful not to burn any of that flavorful browning stuff on the pan, add the seafood, and cook it until it's just barely done and not a second longer.

I didn't have wine with mine, so I have nothing to recommend except that you don't make my mistake.

East Coast Hustle:
I would recommend a good sake.

Darth Cupcake:
A) Recipe sounds freaking awesome, and I must try it. About how many people did it serve?

B) Sake ftw.

It was just for me and my mum, but we ate pretty generously.  I wouldn't recommend serving more than 3 with this because the food cost almost 40 bucks.

Sake sounds grand.


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