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Not that complicated, but still pretty good.


2 center-cut porkchops
6-8 kumquats
white wine
Olive oil
salt & pepper

Season chops with cumin, salt & pepper.  heat skillet to medium high, add some oil, and sear chops, about 6-8 minutes on a side, depending on the thickness.  Remove.

Slice the kumquats into discs, removing seeds.  Add to pan, and quickly sautee for about 2 minutes.  Add some wine, season to taste, and reduce until almost evaporated.  Spoon over chops.

Sounds tasty, I've never had kumquats before though. 

Small citrus fruits; you can eat the rind, but might want to take out the seeds.

Citrus-y cumin-y pork choppies sound delicious.  We had pork tenderloin last night, I did it up with onions and applesauce reduction.


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