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I see the point about the Chao, but don't quite follow your intent.  Yes, the Chao could be called a ripoff or mockery of the Tao, (albeit in a more lightheared and thought - out way than an inverted cross ), but I don't follow why anyone should shy away from creating inquiry or confusion, it does give an excuse to refer people to the Principia.  Depending on your angle, that may or may not be good.  

--- Quote from: Felix on February 05, 2008, 04:12:34 pm ---Hmm.  Golden apple in a pyramid, maybe.  Or an 8-pointed star.  Both have unrelated stigmas, but maybe that's ok.

--- End quote ---


Triple Zero:
addition: i don't like the 8 pointed star because people will associate that with Warhammer, also i don't want to deal with War Hammer geeks making remarks about it (yeah i know a couple of ppl on this board play Warhammer, i dont intend to say you guys are geeks, but you gotta admit that a lot of them are).

then, the 8 pointed star is also a traditional symbol from Chaos Magick. TBH, while Chaos Magick has some definite overlap with discordianism, I would like to distance myself from that as well. Discordians practicing Chaos Magick, do what you will, but for me I do not want that instant association.

I like the Chao because i can scribble it on something (try and practice drawing a good pentagon, it's not as easy as it seems :-P), and when somebody asks me about it, I can tell them.

Of course the same argument of Taoism goes for Warhammer and Chaos Magick (although afaik, the Warhammer symbol is also a ripoff based on Chaos Magick). But I think the important distinction here is that Discordians have been using the Sacred Chao for nearly 50 years now, and I think we can call it our own now. Maybe we just need to plaster it all over the place more.

Another interesting visual distinction of the Chao vs the Tao, is that the two parts of the Tao are painted symmetrically with black and white, while the Chao isn't. Instead, sometimes, the little corners/points of both parts are sometimes made black and shaded to white outwards [as shown here: ]

In the spirit of comprimise what if we changed the S-shape divinding the two into a Z shape, or something similar?  or maybe even a blurred edge, to symbolize that orderly disorder, and vice versa?

Our symbol should be a black swan, on a jagged line of infinite length, with a fractal in the background.

I think the absence of light and dark in the chao is good.  It's not a visual contrast between hodge and podge, it's symbolic.

Also, the black swan is a great idea.


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